8th Grade Health Areas of Study

8th Grade Health - Mr. Sbarro



Period 1 - D 1 Period 9 C-6

Class Objective: The students will utilize current information, in order to improve/maintain their level of physical fitness and prevent life altering diseases.


Classroom Rules:

1- Be On Time

2- Be Prepared

3- Be Respectful

4- Look out for the best needs of the class


Subject Matter:

1-Weight Management, Body Composition & Nutrition

2-Too Good for Drugs and Violence: Goal Setting, Decision Making, Conflict Resolution, Alcohol Awareness, Consequences...

3-Relationships: Safe Dating, Communication Skills, Decision Making

4-Lifestyle Disease Prevention (Including STD’s/STI’s)

5-Disorders: Eating Disorders, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Cancer

6-Campfire Program: Character Education, Decision Making, Mindfulness, Stress Management 

7-Basic First Aid: Injury Prevention, safety, responding to emergencies.


(Subject to Change Due to Time Constraints)


  • 50% Summative – Tests, Projects, Papers
  • 40% Formative – Class work, Notebooks, Quizzes
  • 10% Individual – Participation, Homework, Class Experiences
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