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Grice Behavior Modification System

Dear Parent/Guardian,


This notification is to advise  all students and parents/guardians that the Student Behavior Modification System will begin on Monday, September 24, 2018. This highly effective program has been used for a number of years at Grice in an effort to both promote positive behavior as well as discourage negative choices made in the hallways. The primary goal is to make Grice a safe, learning environment in which students are encouraged to both act and speak in a manner that reflects the setting.


Consequences are determined by the actions. Some actions (ex. in the hall without a pass as opposed to open defiance or disrespect of a faculty member) are viewed as less egregious than others. A system is in place to remind the students of the proper behavior that is expected. If students continually disregard the safety and rules of respect at Grice, a consequence will be issued. Initially, a lunch detention will be served by the student. The student will also be spoken with regarding the choices that are being made and how these situations may be avoided in the future. The goal is for the student to learn to make positive decisions. If this initial intervention is not successful, an after school detention may be issued if poor choices continue on a regular basis. The parent will be notified of this after school detention and a date and time will be determined. If these actions do not result in a behavior modification, a personal meeting between teachers, administrators, the student and the parent/guardian may also be requested.


In an effort to reward positive behavior, the Behavior Modification Program will also be working with our Renaissance Program on ways to recognize and/or reward those students that are regularly making positive decisions and helping make Grice a more positive, and enjoyable learning environment.


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the school to discuss the issues you may have. The Grice faculty and staff thank you for your anticipated cooperation as we all work together to make Grice an enjoyable, environment of higher learning.