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    Competitive video gaming has quickly risen to the ranks of "real sports" in many of the ways that count. These include big name sponsors, competitive pro leagues, college competitions and, in 2017, more global viewers than the 2016 NFL regular season

    Esports is also big business, making money from investments, branding, advertising and media deals. The number of college scholarships and careers related to esports is also growing quickly. Because of this, many high school teachers, students and administrators are thinking about how to start an esports team at their school. The process can be quite easy. Plus, starting an esports club can deliver some major benefits.

    This article gives you a step-by-step plan for starting a high school esports team and takes a look at the how having a team will benefit your school and its students. We’ll also provide resources for finding tournaments, supporting your club and thinking ahead about college scholarships.


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