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    The philosophy of guidance and counseling at Reynolds Middle School focuses on the individual student.  Counselors assist their students in recognizing their academic potential and strengths through an individualized developmental approach and work to address the emotional and social needs of their students.

    The primary role of the schools is to educate children; we as a school district recognize that we can also serve to assist families who are dealing with difficult situations with their children. These issues can clearly impact the child’s ability to benefit from educational experiences. In an effort to assist families, what follows is an updated guide for both parents and professionals, which outlines services for children and families experiencing challenging situations. While this resource guide is not meant to be inclusive of every provider, it does represent a comprehensive list of local providers, services and agencies as well as national hotlines related to various issues. Please be advised that Hamilton Township School District is not recommending any specific provider, but is providing a variety of potential resources as a service to its families. Please note that while many providers do not accept insurance, the client is able to submit receipts to their health insurance for reimbursement when out of network benefits are allowed.
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    Mrs. R. Hare - Secretary
    Phone: 631-4162 Ext. 3556


    Mrs. C. Bonfanti
    Phone: 631-4162 Ext. 3566

    Counselor Assignments are divided by Student's Last Name

    Ms. Meghan Bradley
    Phone: 631-4162 Ext 3567
             Grade 6 :   G-M
             Grade 7 :   A-F
             Grade 8 :   P-Z

    Mrs. Amy Horowitz    
    Phone:  631-4162  Ext 3564
            Grade 6 :    A-F
            Grade 7 :    P-Z
            Grade 8 :    G-O

    Ms. Donna McManimon
    Phone: 631-4162 Ext 3567
             Grade 6 :   N-Z
             Grade 7 :   G-0
             Grade 8 :   A-F


    STUDENT ASSISTANCE PROGRAM                                          
    Ms. Fleck  - Counselor

    Phone: 609-631-4162 Ext 3574

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    The role of the Student Assistance Coordinator (SAC) is to focus on preventing substance abuse issues among township youth while also dealing with a wide variety of non-academic issues that may not be directly related to substance abuse.  The theory behind the SAC program is that students are better able to succeed if these isues are directly addressed.  This allows us to reduce risk factors and increase positive assets so that students can more effectively learn, grow and reach their goals.  The SAC provides individual and group counseling, crisis intervention, referrals to outside agencies and serves as an information resource for issues relating to substance abuse and mental health.  All services are confidential unless the student is in immediate danger.  Services are voluntary unless a student is under an administrative contract.  Referrals are also kept confidential.


    Mrs. Toni Fuccello-Santo  - Social Worker
    Phone: 609-631-4162 ext. 3554 

    A school social worker serves on the child study team as a case manager for students who have been identified as having a potential disability or who have been classified as eligible for special education and related services.  She ensures that the educational needs of her studetns are met per each student's Individual Education Plan (IEP).  the social worker completes Social Assessments on students that have been referred to the child study team.  She acts as a liaison between the school, home, and community agencies and refers to and coordinates services for families as needed.


    Mrs. Jonielle Figliuolo - School Psychologist  
    Phone: 609-631-4162 ext. 3554              

    The nature of my professional experience is the delivery of appropriate school psychological services to students within the Hamilton Township School District (HTSD). I work closely with other members of the Child Study Team to determine eligibility for special education services. Other responsibilities consist of assessing psychological evaluations, creating and implementing individual and group interventions to maximize learning and adjustment, develop Individual Educational Plans (IEPs) and case manage children who are classified with special needs. In addition, I serve as a consultant to parents and teachers and respond to crisis situations within the school setting. 


    Ms. Erin Tibbetts - Learning Consultant
    Phone: 609-631-4162 ext. 3554

    I serve Reynolds Middle School as a member of the Child Study Team, in the role of a Learning Disabilities Teacher/Consultant. My job includes giving educational assessments, analyzing and classification of students' learning differences, implementing special education law, consultation, communicating and collaborating with teachers, administration, and parents, and advocating on behalf of the students with special needs.


    If a student is going to be absent from school, a parent or guardian should call the Attendance Office at (609) 631-4162, press 4 at the prompt, then follow the instructions.
    Upon returning to school, a note stating the student's name, homeroom, dates, and reason for absence should be presented to the homeroom teacher.