Health Office

  • Melissa Savoy, RN, BSN, CSN
    School Nurse

    p: (609) 631-4152 ext 3524/3514
    f: (609) 631 - 4186

    The health office is open 8am-3pm every day for the treatment of illness and minor first aid, as well as preventive care.

    NJ State law and Hamilton BOE does not permit any student to carry medication (even OTC) without a physicians order. All medications must be administered by a RN, and kept in nurse’s office, except for life threatening conditions such as anaphylaxis from allergies, epipens, inhalers, and diabetes medications.  Medication forms are linked on the left hand side, and must all be filled out properly by physician and parent and sent in to nurse’s office. For students with asthma, life thretening allergies and diabetes, additional care plans are required. Students who will self carry their inhalers or Epi-Pens must have a Self-Carry form signed by the parent and the nurse must know that they have them in their posession in case of an emergency. These forms must be renewed yearly by physician.

    All incoming 6th graders are required by law to have Tdap and Meningitis vaccines.  Parents are notified in 5th grade and required to receive these immunizations prior to 6th grade.  Parents will be notified of deficiencies.  Please supply the nurse with any updated physicals and any new medical problems than may impact the students day.

    If your child is ill and not feeling well in the morning, please keep them home from school for the good of themselves and others.  Students are not going to perform well in school if they are not feeling well. All absences  are to be called into attendance.  Students with a fever over 100, diarrhea, vomiting are not allowed in school until symptom free and off all medications for 24 hours.

    All physicians’ notes excluding students from gym must be handed into nurse prior to gym period, note will be signed off by gym teacher and kept on file in nurse’s office. 

    Students health records are kept in nurse’s office.  Screenings are done annually on all students. 6/8th graders are screened for vision, BP, height and weight.  7th graders are screened by hearing, BP, height and weight. Referrals are sent home when further evaluation from a physician is needed.  Every other year students are screened for scoliosis, notice will be sent home alerting parents when this will occur and a chance to have own physician perform screening.

    Please feel free to contact me during the day with any health concerns you may have regarding your child. 

Health Services Forms and Documents