• Mrs. Karen Campioni
    Guidance Couneslor
    p: (609) 631 - 4169

    Classroom guidance lessons in each classroom at least six times per year. Lesson topics include Personal/Social Development, Bullying, Goal Setting, Academic and Decision Making Skills.

    Individual Counseling is provided to students who are experiencing difficulties at home or at school. A student may see Miss Mihalow when he or she is:

    • Having trouble making friends
    • Being teased or picked on by others
    • Is anxious about attending school, or completing school work
    • Having a problem with family or friends
    • Experiencing the loss of a loved friend, relative, or a pet
    • Experiencing a divorce, marriage, new sibling, or other change in the family

    Please note that school counseling is provided less frequently and is less intense than counseling provided by a counselor outside of the school system. If you need help finding a counselor or other mental health care provider for your child or family, please contact Miss Mihalow.

    Parents: Please call Miss Mihalow to let her know of any situation that occurs during the school year so that she can see your child as soon as possible!

    Conflict Resolution: At the beginning of the school year, each class is refreshed on Naomi Drew's Win/Win Conflict Resolution Guidelines. When conflicts arise between students throughout the year, they use the Win/Win guidelines to help resolve problems peacefully. Miss Mihalow is available to assist students in resolving a conflict.

    Special Programs and Assemblies:

    • Kids on the Block- a child abuse prevention puppet show is presented each year to First and Third Grade students.
    • Child Abuse Prevention (CAP)- a presentation for Second Grade students about staying safe from strangers.
    • Camp Fire USA- "Count on Me Kids" is presented to first grade students, and "Caution Without Fear" is presented to fourth grade students. Topics include peer pressure and assertiveness training.

    Fifth Grade PATROLS: Students who are trained to be peer leaders by being exemplary role models for other students and monitor students at various locations before and after school to ensure all student's safety and compliance of school rules.

    Small and Large Counseling Groups:

    • Kids Issues in Divorce and Separation (KIDS) groups are offered once each year to students in grades 1-5. Students who join a group, with parent approval, will spend lunch with Miss Mihalow and a group of other students their age, for eight weeks.
    • Social Skills Groups including groups for social skills and recess games.
    • Friendship, Sibling, or Grief and Loss groups are conducted as needed.

    For Parents:

    • Systematic Training for Effective Parenting (STEP) groups are offered at least once per year for seven weeks.
    • Kindergarten STEP group:  offered each August, provides an overview of the Early Childhood STEP and helps you prepare your child socially and academically for kindergarten.