Principal's Message

  • We believe our initiatives at Sunnybrae School are aligned to the Common Core Curriculum Standards, the Hamilton Township Schools Strategic Plan, and Sunnybrae School student needs as well as my Vision Statement...:

    Sunnybrae School is a safe, nurturing and joyful learning place. We are a community of learners who work together. The Sunnybrae Staff are dedicated caring professionals who work to provide  best practices, strategies, technology and learning techniques into the classrooms in order to create learners who are college and career ready.

    Sunnybrae School is a place where all people will  be treated with respect, compassion and understanding and anything else will simply not be tolerated.   Students are expected to contribute to the best of their abilities, parents are expected to be partners with the school in the educational progress of their children, and teachers as well as other building adults are expected to coordinate efforts to provide interesting, productive learning experiences.   Sunnybrae is a place where the children are the stars!
    ...and the School Mission Statement:
    “The mission of Sunnybrae School shall be to provide current instructional practices, hands-on learning experiences and the opportunity for all students to be responsible for their own learning as they move along their individual paths.   We are a community of learners who work together and for each other in order to reach our goals.  
    "All children can learn.  Just not in the same way on the same day!"  George Evans