• M. Bruey
    Guidance Counselor
    p: (609) 631 - 4166 ext. 2856

    Mission Statement

    The mission of the Sunnybrae Elementary School Counseling Program is to strengthen every student's belief in themselves, promote self-knowledge and teach problem-solving skills so students accomplish their academic, social and personal potential in order to create a foundation that leads to becoming a lifelong learner and a productive member of society.

    How is this accomplished?

    Collaboration between the counselor, parents and caregivers, teachers and community resources helps the students attain what they need in the classroom or at home.
    Classroom guidance lessons are taught in the classroom to cover important topics that are related to self-esteem, anger management, stress management, bullying, character education, citizenship and empathy. Impact activities using fun props (like toothpaste, coloring pages, etc..) are utilized to leave an impression on the students so they can remember the important points. 
    Individual counseling provides students the extra support they need in regards to peer relationships, organization skills and any social or personal problem that might be interfering with their learning.
    Group counseling provides a milieu for students who share a common concern (divorce, bereavement, etc.) where they can share their worries in a safe space that provides confidentiality. Parent permission is required to participate in these groups which usually last about 6-8 sessions.
    The Six Pillars of Character Education promotes six ethical values that are the foundation of what character traits are the most important. As noted on the website, they are:
    1. Trustworthiness which is "True Blue"
    2. Respect; likened to "the Golden Rule"
    3. Responsibility represented by a green hue
    4. Orange promotes fairness (like dividing an orange to share)
    5. Red is for caring (the color of our hearts)
    6. Purple stands for citizenship; diplomacy among peers

    P.A.L.S stands for Peer Assistance Leadership Strategies and is open to the fourth graders. It is a character education program that helps kids become peer leaders. Students must apply to become part of the group. Areas strengthened include but aren't limited to: commitment, compassion, diversity, problem-solving and conflict resolution.