Nurse's Corner

  • Beth Lopatine, BA, RN
    School Nurse
    p: (609) 631-4164 ext 2831f:  (609) 631-4132

    • Please remember to report your child's absence by calling our Attendance Line - 631-4164, press Option #4.
    • Please go into POWERSCHOOL and update your child's emergency contacts.
    • Each school year, every student is given a set of emergency cards to be completed by the parent/guardian. It is important that at least two persons be designated as alternates to pick your child up from school in the event that you are not available.
    • If your child requires medication to be administered at school, it may be done only if we have a written order from the physician. The medication form can be obtained from the Health Office for both the parent and the physician to complete. Once this is completed and approved, the parent/guardian must bring the medication to school in the original labeled container from the pharmacy.
    • Each school year, your child will be seen in the Health Office for a health appraisal (height, weight, vision, hearing, and blood pressure). If needed, you will be contacted for further follow-up by a physician.
    • When a child is absent from school due to fever, he or she should not return to school unless the temperature has been normal for 24 hours WITHOUT the aid of TYLENOL, ADVIL, OR MOTRIN. If your child is absent due to vomiting, he or she should not return to school until normal food can be tolerated. If your child has been diagnosed with strep throat, please notify the nurse. The child may not return until they have been on antibiotics for 24 hours.
    • Health records are maintained on each student. If your child has an allergic reaction, operation, injury, disease or any other health condition, please notify Mrs. Lopatine so that the student's record will be kept updated.
    • Since there are many children with food allergies :no food can be brought into the classroom for any birthday celebrations without first contacting Mrs. Lopatine so that she can approve the snack/treat.



    Scoliosis Screenings will occur on January 10th.  Parent letters have been sent home regarding these screenings.  If you do not wish your child to be screened at school, please send back the bottom portion of that form as soon as possible.






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