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  • Hello Parents:

    With the recent events that have occured across the nation, and the need to discuss race, priviledge, and equality, I have added resources in the "site shortcuts" in the section to the right.  

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  • NEW: Parent Request To "Meet" With  Me

    I am providing "open office hours" three days a week for parents who would like to Google "Meet" with me. They are as follows: 

    Mondays at 10:00am, 10:30am, and 11:00am 

    Tuesdays at 10:00am, 10:30am, and 11:00am 

    Fridays at 10:00am, 10:30am, and 11:00am 

    *If none of these days or times work for you, we can work out a day and time that works for both of us.

    If you would like to "meet," please fill out the following form and I will get back to you as soon as possible. 


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  • Remote Learning Information

    During remote learning, I will be available during the hours of 10am-2pm Monday through Friday. I will be checking my email and updating my website and Google Classroom regularly. Should you or your child want to talk or need my assistance while we are out of school, please do not hesitate to contact me at ltormey@hamilton.k12.nj.us. From there, we can either communicate further via email, by phone, or we can set up a Zoom video chat when available. 

    ***VERY IMPORTANT: To get to my Google Classroom, click on the green link below. It will take you to a page that has a blue button that says, "Back to Classes" on it. Click it. On the next page, click on the + in the upper right corner. Choose, "join a class" and then enter the class code 2qobjt4 in the box. 

    Once in my Google Classroom, you will see a tab at the top that says, "classwork." This is where you will find guidance lessons for grades K-5. Please have your child review the lessons for their grade and complete the assignments or activities that coorospond to it. 

  • About Our School Counseling Program

    • The guidance and school counseling program at Mercerville Elementary focuses on encouraging student growth by emphasizing all students unique qualities and potential. To meet all student's academic, social, emotional, and career exploration needs, many different services are provided throughout the school year. These include guidance lessons, individual counseling, group counseling, consultation, coordination of services, and school wide programs, and assemblies.

  • Services Provided

    • Individual Counseling: Students are able to talk to me about any issues or problems which could include: problems with friends, feelings/emotions, grief and loss, family issues, etc. Sessions are confidential unless a student brings up subject matter relating to being abused/hurt, is hurting or thinking of hurting someone else, or is hurting or thinking of hurting themselves. In addition, it should be noted that individual counseling provided by school counselors is not as frequent or intense as counseling provided outside of the school. If you would like help finding an appropriate outside counselor, agency, or mental health provider for your child or family, please do not hesitate to contact me.
    • Classroom Guidance Lessons: All classes within the school will receive around 6-12 counseling lessons throughout the school year, in addition to assemblies and special programs. The lessons focus on academic, personal/social, and career development. Under the Classroom Guidance Topic section, you can see all classroom guidance lesson topics by month.

    • Group Counseling: “Lunch Bunch" groups are provided to all grade levels at different times throughout the year. Each group consists of 5-8 students and lasts for about 6-8 weeks. The groups are based on specific student needs but may include themes such as making friends, dealing with divorce, or anger management.

    • Consultation: Consultation is an important part of helping students succeed in the education setting. Meetings with the counselor may be requested to discuss any concerns regarding students. I will work with you, teachers, administrators, the Child Study team, I&RS team, Crisis Team, etc. to ensure students are receiving the help they need to be successful at Mercerville. 
  • Harassement, Intimidation, and Bullying (HIB) District Information

    Mercerville Elementary Anti Bullying Specialist- Lauren Tormey

    ***Please contact me if you suspect bullying is occurring at Mercerville Elementary

    H.T.S.D. Anti-Bullying Coordinator (Elementary)- Jay A. Morris, Director of Elementary Education,
    email: jmorris@hamilton.k12.nj.us  phone: 609-631-4100 ext 3048  


  • Mrs. Lauren Tormey
    Mercerville School Counselor
    (609)631-4159 x3981