• Each day, students will be required to "check in" for daily attendance purposes. Students, please click HERE to check in. Use the same form each day for Week 3 and 4 of remote learning.

    Click here to view assignments for Weeks 1 & 2 (Day 1-10) of remote learning.

    All assignments will be posted on this webpage and Google Classroom. All students have access to Google Classroom. Parents, please e-mail me at srobb@hamilton.k12.nj.us if you also would like access to Google Classroom. I can add you as a guardian using your e-mail address. Please indicate your student's name in the e-mail to receive access.

    I will be available each day that we are on a remote learning schedule from 10 A.M. until 3 P.M. to answer any questions. Students and parents may contact me outside of these hours, but please allow extra response time if e-mailing outside of these hours. I can also be reached via my class Instagram page: @mrrobbhistory.

    Students can access remote learning assignments through Google Classroom. When students open an assignment, it will bring them to Google Docs on their school-issued account. Students can complete the assignments in Docs and submit via Google Classroom. Students should backspace any blank lines and type their answers in a different font color.

    Please note: Below, you will find a day-to-day "check list" of what is required for each day of remote learning. Assignments MUST be accessed through Google Classroom. Families who do not have access to a device or Internet at home can retrieve assignments in the main office at Reynolds Middle School beginning Monday morning, starting at 10 A.M. Please check my mailbox in the main office, to the left of the counter, on the top shelf.

    Assignments will be posted below and are scheduled to be posted on Google Classroom no later than 6:00 A.M. for the day they are assigned.

    Day 11 (March 30)

    1. Watch this video about the Constitutional Convention. Take notes while watching the video. You may pause and rewind the video to help you. Complete the assignment on Google Classroom. (Individual Practice) - DUE 3/30

    Day 12 (March 31)

    1. Review your notes that you have created (any notes/assignments from Day 1-11). Begin the assignment on Google Classroom.

    Day 13 (April 1)

    1. Complete yesterday's assignment on Google Classroom. - DUE 4/1

    Day 14 (April 2)

    1. Read pages 260 - 297 in your textbook. Begin the assignment on Google Classroom.

    Day 15 (April 3)

    1. Complete yesterday's assignment on Google Classroom. - DUE 4/3
    2. Complete the Chapter 8 open-notes/open-book quiz on Google Classroom. - DUE 4/3