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  • Monday, 3/30/2020

    The new assignments are up under "This Week in PE & Health"! Click on your grade level to see specifics.

    Follow our Daily PE Challenges below for ideas on how to fill those activity logs!

    -Mrs. Po and Mr. P


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Daily PE & Health Challenges

  • Friday, 4/3/2020

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    It's Friday! We made it through another week! Take a well deserved break from schoolwork this coming week. Get outside, be active, and stay safe through Spring Break! We miss you!

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  • Thursday, 4/2/2020

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    Happy Thursday! Can you believe that this week is almost over?
    Today, I want to teach you about balance. Balance is the ability to control or stabilize the body when a person is standing still or moving.

    Today, I would like for you to try a short Balance Quest! Try to hold the following poses for 15 sec. each! Click on the link if you are not sure what the poses look like. 

    Comment below to let us know how many you were able to complete! There are 9 poses to try!

     Eagle Pose   Crescent Moon Pose   Flamingo Pose   Tree Pose   Triangle Pose   Door Pose   Airplane Pose

    Camel Pose   Boat Pose

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  • Wednesday, 4/1/2020

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    Good afternoon everyone! For this week's Wellness Wednesday, I would like for you to tell me and Mr. P something that you like to do that makes you really happy or calm. You may comment below or leave a Flipgrid video! Videos can be seen AND liked by all who answer the questions through Flipgrid.


    THE GRID PASSWORD IS: Htsdpe2020

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