Mrs. Solveig Laverty



Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Solveig Laverty

Mrs. Laverty is a full day, Special Education, Pre-Kindergarten teacher at Yardville Elementary. She has a masters in Elementary and Special Education from The College of New Jersey. She has several years of experience teaching Pre-Kindergarten students and 1 year experience as a Basic Skills-Language Arts teacher.

If you have a student in Mrs. Laverty's class please feel free to contact her at:

Google Folder For all of Mrs. Laverty's Preschool Remote Learning Lesson Plans

  •        Remote Learning Plan Update as of 3/16/2020

    Your child was sent home with 2 weeks of lesson plans on Friday 3/13/20. Please check off each activity that you complete each day.

    If you have any questions about the plans, please don't hesitate to email me at:

    I will return your email between the hours of 10-2pm Monday-Friday (these are the district remote learning hours). 

    You are also welcome to contact me through Class Dojo. If you are not set up with the app and would like assistance, please email me and let me know.

    Thank you for patience during this time!


               Mrs. Laverty’s Pre-Kindergarten Supply List 

    • A paper folder will be given to you at the open house. Please replace it with a plastic folder, since the paper ones get wet easily. 
    • 2 Large boxes of tissues
    • 1 Large container of Green Works wipes
    • Sleeping bag or small blanket. Please no toys but one small stuffed animal is ok. 
    • A reusable bag (such as the type they use for groceries) or a drawstring bag. Please place your child’s nap blanket in it. 
    • Regular size child’s backpack (not toddler size).
    • Change of clothing: pants, 2 long sleeve and 2 short sleeve shirt, 3 to 4 pairs of underwear (if not in diapers/pull ups), socks and shoes (labeled in a ziplock bag).
    • Diapers/Pull ups (must have Velcro) if your child is not potty trained. We have wipes, but if your child requires a special brand, please bring it in with their name labeled. If we run low on wipes we will request it later in the year if you child is not potty trained.
    • A choice of 3 snacs every day (It is helpful to have a variety we will give out one).
    • Water in a reusable water bottle is prefered. Please do not bring disposable water bottles (the caps are a choking hazard for some children). 
    • 3 Photos of your child (They will be hung in the classroom and might cut or glued for a project). 

             Wish List (optional items): 

    • Velcro 


                           Thank you!