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Degrees and Certifications:

Jani Sblendorio

How are you?  My name is Jani Sblendorio and I am new to both Grice and Central Jersey.  I have been an ABA Therapist, Special Education Teacher, and a Support Coordinator so I have worked with individual's with Special Needs from the pre-school age to adulthood.  I have worked both in the private and public sectors and I especially enjoy working with families doing in-home support.  I have a diverse background and hold degrees in Fashion Marketing and Management, Sociology, Behavioral Intervention in Autism, and my Masters in Education focusing on Curriculum & Instruction and Autism Studies. 

On a personal note my own son struggles with multiple challenges and has had a very tough journey.  We have fought for the rights of individual's with special needs, and founded a 501c3 organization to support families and educators facing the diagnosis of autism so I take a vested interest in making a difference not only in his life, but your family's lives as well. 

I pride myself in being connected to my families and sharing what we are doing on CLASS DOJO.  It is my primary means of communication and I love to bring things you are doing in your family into the classroom.  I enjoy exploring education both via traditional methods and collaborating with the clincial team and specialists to incorporate other methods of reaching the students in a comforting way.  This includes adding mindfulness activities to our day, and opportunities to increase language and socialization skills.  I also believe in positive behavioral support methods and use Class Dojo to provide on the spot feedback for a job well done via our classroom reward system. 

I look forward to providing experiences for your loved ones to grow and gain independence while developing relationships with both the Grice staff, the students, and our families!