• Elements of Algebra II : 


    Algebra I :


    Geometry :  Learning Geometry through guided notes, practice, boom learning, and other activities. 

  • My name is Mr. O'Neill I will be teaching your son/daugther in mathematics. I graduated from Rider University with a Bachelor's in Secondary Education/Mathematics and a minor in Special Education. In the 2017-2018 School Year I am teaching Algebra I, Bridges to Algebra II, and Geometry. I am avalaible for tutoring every morning from 7:00 until 1st period (7:50). There is tutoring after school on Monday and Wednesday in Room 107 from 2:30 till 3:30. Along with my passion for teaching I coach three sports (soccer, basketball, & lacrosse). Students will be learning through inquiry based lesson, interaction/collaboration amongst peers, and various learning strategies. If you every have any questions or concerns regarding your student(s) feel free to contact me at toneill@hamilton.k12.nj.us

    My Schedule: 

    1st Period : Prep (Room 227) 

    2nd Period : Bridge to Algebra II (Room 227)

    3rd Period :Bridge to Algebra II (Room 227)

    4th Period : Prep (Room 214 "Math Office")

    5th Period : Algebra I  (Room 209)

    6th Period : Geometry (Room 227)

    7th Period : Lunch Duty (Cafeteria)

    8th Period : Bridge to Algebra II (Room 209)

    9th Period : Geometry (Room 209)