• Mrs. Butler
    School Nurse
    p: (609) 631-4157 ext 3905
    e: abutler@hamilton.k12.nj.us

    Welcome Back Langtree Bulldogs to the 2019/2020 school year!

    Allergy Season Continues!  Ragweed is our culpret in the fall, 75% of people who suffer from spring allergies are also allergic to Ragweed.   Here are some Helpful Hints for you and your family:

    1. Sneezing, coughing, itchy nose and throat, nasal congestion and clear runny nose are all symptoms of allergies
    2. Itchy, water eyes is called allergic conjunctivitis and is very common with seasonal allergies
    3. Wheezing and shortness of breath in addition to these symptoms can be a sign of allergic asthma
    4. Have kids shower/bath after being outside
    5. Keep windows closed and Air Conditioning on if pollen count high
    6. Decongestants, antihistamines, and nasal spray steriods can all be recommended by your doctor depending on symptoms present

    If your child/student is ill, please call 609-631-4157 and press #4 for the attendance line.

    If your student has any health needs or concerns, please don't hesitate to stop by or call and these papers can be picked up at the front office.  Physicals and vaccination records can be dropped off or sent in to school with your student.   Calling all 5th grade parents and kindergarten parents, updated physicals and immunization records are required for middle school and to start kindergarten.   

    All Preschool students need their FLU shot by December 31st!

    Langtree Bulldogs raised $195 on National Wear Red Day and $2208 for Jump for Heart, that's double what we raised last year!  Go amazing Bull dogs!  Our amazing students and staff proved once again that eating healthy, exercise and donating to a good cause are all worth the work!  Go Bulldogs!  Jump for Heart and National Wear Red Day will start February 7th 2020.  Look for information in January.

    Health Concerns 

    Please inform the nurse’s office of any new medical conditions such as asthma, life threatening allergies, surgeries or health concerns that have occurred during the summer.  Feel free to stop by the office, call (609-631-4157 ext 3905) or email (abutler@hamiltonk12.nj.us) to discuss these changes or concerns.


    NO child is to take or carry PRESCRIPTION OR OVER THE COUNTER MEDICATIONS to school (cough drops, Tylenol, allergy medication, etc.)  If a child, by order of a physician must receive medications in school, District policy requires both parent and physician signature prior to administrating medication. Therefore, a prescription label IS NOT acceptable in lieu of an MD’s order. A written order must be obtained.  These forms are available in the nurse’s office.  MEDICATION MUST BE IN THE ORIGINAL CONTAINER WITH THE PRESCRIPTION ORDER VISIBLE.

    Food Allergies

    Per District policy, we request all families be sensitive and respectful of all children in our community.  Please consider bringing a small craft, games, or a small gift to students like pencils, erasers or crayons instead of food for birthday and holiday celebrations.  Check out the left side of this web page for ideas.  If you decide a food item is the only choice, the treat must be announced 1 week before the date OR THE TREAT WILL NOT BE SHARED WITH THE CLASS.  Please consider the allergies in your classroom and we can work together to pick a treat that includes the whole class.

    Emergency Contacts

    Please remember to fill out the parent portal emergency contact information with current phone numbers in case of an emergency.  It is critical to have this information in the case of illness or emergencies, nothing is more frightening to a child than not having their parent at the hospital with them.  If that number changes for any length of time (business trip, vacation) please alert the office immediately with the contact person’s name and phone number. 

    Attendance policy

    A note from a parent/legal guardian is required for every absence, unless you have a doctors note (no absence is excused)!  The note should state the date, reason for the absence and signed by parent/guardian.  If a student is going to be absent for an extended period of time please let the school know, so that supplemental assignments can be sent home.  Absences for more than 2weeks confirmed by a physician will qualify students to receive home instruction.  *Religious holidays and Take your child to work day are not counted against a pupil's attendance record.

Health Services Forms and Documents