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Mrs. Walter

Hello all the Yardville and McGalliard students and families!

I have posted lessons for all grade levels below. These lessons are for the current closure schedule (2weeks). These current assignments will be collected and viewed when we return to school on March 27th.

Please click on  ABOUT THE TEACHER for lots of drawing guides.

I have also left lessons for weeks 3 & 4 if school closings continue. Please DO NOT complete these additional lessons unless school is closed further than March 27. These additional lessons are under the ABOUT THE TEACHER tab as well.

Remember, most art lessons take us 2 class periods to complete. Take your time. Spend one day on the planning and creating, then a different day or time on coloring or refining your work. There is no hurry!

If you would like to contact me I will be available to answer questions via email

Extra drawing ideas!! If you complete your lessons and would like more ideas. You may choose a link below. You can use any materials or scrap papers you have at home.Going outside, making forts, building with blocks and legos etc... are all forms of art. You can choose to write like an author, draw like an illustrator or take photos like a photographer! Art is everywhere!! I am proud of you for being creative! Remember the most important thing is to have fun!!

These are additional lessons for Weeks 3 & 4 if school closure continues. PLEASE DO NOT complete these lessons unless school closure continues into weeks 3 &4.