• Hello Parents and Students!!

    Welcome to my webpage and the remote learning lessons.  This is Ms. Gonzalez, Mr. Rose and I  will be discussing Health and Physical Education topics. 

    March 30th -April 3rd visit the google classroom daily for NEW exciting fitness videos.  Check out my YouTube Channel for Fitness videos.

    Jessica Gonzalez Fitness

    Mr. Rose and I added some fun YouTube videos for your workout/exercises. Glenn Higgins Fitness will give yoiu 31 videos that your child or children can enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvuT1Bjs2VSF0Yqahj8VAKBwyYFnLJIDa

    You can also try these videos if you do not use google classroom.



     We encourage you to assist in explaining this information to your child if needed.  Please answer the questions asked on the power point slides on my Google classroon Doc.

    There is a section for Physical Education and keeping a daily jornal of the exercises your child is doing for 30 -40 minutes daily.  There are many exercises your child can do throughtout this time period.

    Login for Google classroom

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    1st niqrqek

    2nd rxw66ks

    3rd k3l35nq

    4th csiwjxz

    5th dzwgzw4

    Some examples are the following:

    30- 60 seconds of each (Jumping jacks, Squats, Push ups, Sit ups, Lunges,High Knees, Jog in place).

    Some excellent videos to do at home for grades K-2 are on youtube. Kids workout 1 Beginners and Kids Workout Full 25 min. exercise.

    Exercises on youtube for grades 3-5 are Have blast with this Family Fun Cardio Workout and Mix Popsugar Fitness


    * Please check out PE-E Learn activities in our google classroom.  These are excellent activites your child can explore and enjoy!!!

    Be safe out there.

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