Degrees and Certifications:

 Miss Ciliento



Degrees and Certifications:

Miss Ciliento

Please go to Mr. Marshall's webpage for remote learning plans.

We are in PE twice a week for 40 min lessons. No health assignments are required.

Please complete assigned lessons twice a week from Mr. Marshalls webpage. 

Mr. Marshall webpage 

  • How Activity/Task will be assessed/evaluated: 
  • At the end of the activity please draw a picture of the activity you did and your favorite part of the activity for k-2.
  • 3rd-5th, At the end of the activity please write a 3-5 sentence summary of the activity you chose today.
  • Also include if anyone in your family participated in the activity with you and how that helped make it that much more fun!
  • Email your assessment to Miss Ciliento and Mr. Marshall when completed.

Some other information

On the days you do not have PE if the weather is nice, with a parent or guardian, go for an hour walk each day or find something active you like to do! (Play soccer, basketball, run, kickball, karate, dance, etc)

The activity should be for at least 30 mins. HAVE FUN WITH YOUR FAMILY :)

If the weather is inclement here are some helpful links to stay active. 

Here are YouTube videos for inclement weather. 

Flexibility: Cosmic kids yoga (videos are 25 mins long. You may do 2.)

Cardiovascular endurance: Kids workoutGo Noodle Freeze runScarf activityOld Town Road Tabata* (*=Added 4/1/20)

If activity calls for weights use soup cans/books or no weights at all.

Modify lessons as needed. (I.E... take breaks when feeling fatigued, go on knees for push ups, step instead of jump, etc. )

Abdominal workout: Ab workout  Ab workout 2

April fitness calender: April movement calendar

Remember to take ten mins a day to breathe and relax for stress management. 

Mediation: Secret Treehouse Relaxing Music (Play for 15 mins of mindfulness

Darebee fitness: Darebee Fitness (Daily fitness activities to do)