Principal's Message

  • Welcome to Lalor Elementary School, home of the Lions!

    Friday, August 24, 2018

    Dear Lalor Families,

    Welcome back Lalor Lions!  Bienvenido a un nuevo año!

    A new school year welcomes the opportunity to accept new challenges, meet new friends, and achieve new goals.  This year we will accomplish this by working together, as the Lalor Family.  As your new principal, I am committed to being responsive to you and your child’s needs which will ensure a positive experience for our entire school community. 

    Our 2018-2019 theme, Together We Are Family, will be a reminder to everyone, that we are stronger as a family, and this partnership will take Lalor to new heights. Throughout the year I look forward to fostering this relationship through various family events, consistent communication, while also ensuring the safety of our children.  

    With this in mind, you are invited to attend the following two events on Tuesday, September 4th:

    • Back to School Social - 2:30-3:30 pm - You and your child are invited to stop by Lalor to meet your new teacher, visit your new classroom, and enjoy a cold ice cream treat.
    • Kindergarten Scavenger Hunt - 2:30-3:30 pm - Welcome incoming Kindergarten students!  You and your child are invited to meet your teacher and participate in a fun Scavenger Hunt to learn about your classroom.

    The first day of school for all students is Wednesday, September 5th at 8:45 am.  All students will meet their teacher in the back of the school before going to their classroom.  It is important for your child to arrive on time each and every day as instruction begins promptly.  Arrivals past 8:55 am will be marked as late and students will need to be signed-in by an adult in the main office.  

    We both know the number one factor influencing a child’s success is a strong partnership with the school and family.  There will be many opportunities for you to become involved in your child’s education, such as volunteering as a room parent, visiting/organizing special events, or by simply reading a book to the class.  Children enjoy seeing their parents involved and teachers appreciate the partnership.  The PTA is another positive opportunity where you can make a difference.  The PTA supports our children by organizing assembly programs and school spirit events.  You can show your support by becoming a member for only $6.00 for the year.  We are asking all families to show their support of the Parent-Teacher Association by completing and returning the attached membership form.  Help us meet our goal of 100% membership!  

    Back to School Night is scheduled for September 25th 6:30 pm and will allow you to hear from your child’s teacher and learn about the exciting lessons that will take place throughout the school year.  Our teachers are committed to providing high-quality instruction on a daily basis in all subject areas. 

    School Safety:

    School safety and security is a priority and every effort will help ensure your child’s safety, and I ask for your support in these efforts.  Safety drills will be practiced twice a month, and you will be notified once the drill has taken place.  Please communicate the importance of these drills with your child.  Our first fire drill will take place on Friday, September 7th. 

    Arrival & Dismissal Routines:

    In addition, I have listened to feedback to improve arrival and dismissal procedures which will also ensure the safety of our children, while also being efficient.  

    Please take careful note of the following procedures that will be enforced this school year:

    • 8:45-8:55 AM - Student Arrival
      • 8:55 AM - Late Arrival - Students need to be signed in by a parent in the main office.  Do NOT drop off and leave your child outside.
    • Barricklo Street - Student drop off only - no parking - keep traffic flow moving.  Students should exit the car from the passenger side of the car, enter the gate, and do not cross in front of cars.
      • Students will meet their classroom teacher behind the school in line.
    • Barnt Deklyn Road - Bus parking
    • Students can not be picked up in the main office after 3:15 PM. (Kindly wait until regular dismissal.)
    • All changes in departure plans need to be on a handwritten note by the parent - no phone calls or emails will be accepted for departure changes.  
    • 3:35-3:45 - Student Dismissal
      • Parents can pick up their child behind the school; students will not be released unless there is an adult.  
    • All visitors need to stop in the main office, provide proper ID, and sign-in, before visiting a classroom.  

    For additional information please visit the updated Parent-Student Handbook posted on our school website.

    Parent Communication:

                Effective and ongoing communication is a priority for our entire staff.  All teachers will be using the app called TalkingPoints.  This app will allow you to receive class messages, private individual messages, and updates from the main office and principal, which will help streamline all communication.  This app will also translate the message into your home language.  In the near future you will receive an invitation to join, either through an email or text message.   You can also correspond with all staff through district email.   

                Regular news and calendar updates will be shared on our school website at and through our official Twitter page @LalorLions.  

                Students in grades 2-5 will receive a Lalor Student Agenda.  This agenda will help your child organize classwork, projects, and special dates.  It can also be used to communicate with your child’s teacher.  I urge you to review the agenda every night with your child to see what is happening in school.  

    Healthy U Grant:

    Our school received the Healthy U Grant!  Did you know that one in three school age children are either overweight or obese in New Jersey, and that puts them at risk of developing serious health problems in adulthood? The goal of Healthy U is to promote healthy behavior changes to prevent childhood obesity through nutrition education, increased physical activity, and family involvement. The benefits of healthy eating and physical activity have also been shown to impact academic performance, decrease behavioral issues, and result in better stress management.  Keep a look-out for upcoming information about our involvement in the Healthy U grant.

    As we launch the new school year, I look forward to meeting the families and learning about the Lalor community and traditions which make our school such a special place.  Lalor is the heart of our community and Together We Are Family.

    Warm regards,

    Jennifer Marinello