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  • Lalor Elementary School is committed to working together to create a safe, engaging, student-centered environment where our students will learn, grown, and succeed regardless of any challenges.  


Our School Promise

School Promise

About Lalor Elementary School

  • The Lalor Elementary School is a stately building, featuring original hardwood floors and woodwork with high ceilings and tall windows. Lalor retains early 20th Century architecture, although it has been completely refurbished in recent years. A neighborhood focal point since 1926, Lalor School proudly conveys a sense of community and tradition for the families of the historic Lalor Tract. 

    Lalor School provides an educational program designed to meet the diverse needs of its children. A highly dedicated and experienced faculty delivers a curriculum aligned with the NJDOE Student Learning Standards, including rewarding and challenging cognitive lessons and hands-on enrichment activities. Our educators welcome and advocate communication with parents, students, and the local community, as education is a partnership between home, school and community. We are working on rebuilding and strengthening our Parent/Teacher Association to effectively support and encourage parent involvement in the school community and academic and social achievement of our students.

    Lalor School is committed to providing a safe, productive learning environment that promotes the social, emotional, intellectual and physical development of our students. This school year, the Lalor staff continues utilizing the Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) model. PBIS emphasizes that when sound classroom management and preventive school discipline works in tandem with effective academic instruction, this system will lead to a positive and safe school climate that maximizes academic and social success for all students. In addition, our School Counseling Program offers each Lalor student the opportunity to grow as an individual and acquire lifetime skills through the Second Step and Steps to Respect programs. This school year, a Culture and Climate Specialist has been added to the faculty to play a critical role in improving student performance by ensuring the school maintains a positive learning environment and a culture of high expectations.

    Parents, teachers, school administration, and the local community work collaboratively in educating Lalor School children to ensure higher student achievement. The primary purpose of the instructional program at Lalor is to provide students with a learning environment that is enriched, supportive, and responsive to their academic and social needs. Our dedicated staff focuses on facilitating student-centered learning to ensure success and positive outcomes for all of our children.