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    Day #10- Week #2 of Remote Learning

    Updated: March 27, 2020

    Mr. Kesting's phone number and direct extension is (609)631-4155 ext. 3850. Remember DO NOT PRESS 1 or 2.

    Mr. Kesting's email is

    Dear Kuser Families,


    Today we completed day #10 of Remote Learning! It is remarkable to see how well students and staff have adapted to Remote Learning. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to our families who are working hard to make sure students stay on track with their education. Thank you for your support! Our goal is to be responsive to the needs of our students and families. If I do not know the answer to a question I will do my best to find you the answer as soon as possible. 

    The following are the best ways to contact me with any question.

    1. You may contact me by phone using the main number and my direct extension. When calling the main number (609)631-4155, DO NOT press 1 or 2. Dial my direction extension 3850 and your message will show up on my email. 
    2. You may also use my email (listed above) when contacting me. 
    3. Please check this web page as I am recording answers to questions that I received that may benefit other families. 


    1. If your child needs a laptop to complete Remote Learning activities please email me. On Wednesday, April 1st laptops will be distributed but an appointment is needed. The pick-up time would be from 11-1. You must contact me in order to make an appointment to get a laptop. If there is an issue with your laptop and it is not functioning properly please contact me as well. A parent must be present to pick up a laptop.  Please note that you will not be entering the building. The pick up will take place at the side of the building. Staff will deliver the devices down the ramp. If you are bring a broken device back there will be a box for you to drop the device in. If there is inclement weather the pick up date and time may need to be rescheduled. 
    2. If you are having technology issues with a Hamilton Township device (Chromebook) please contact your child's teacher or Mr. Kesting. If we cannot resolve the problem we will contact the technology department to try and get a solution for you. 
    3. Everyone should have work packets for Weeks #3 and #4.
    4. Report Cards for the second trimester were visible on Powerschool yesterday at 3:00. If you cannot access Parent Portal please email me. My Secretary Mrs. Muziani will email your child's report card. 
    5. We are asking that if you are outside that you do not use Hamilton Township playgrounds. This is for your family's safety. 

    Frequently Asked Questions...

    1. How long are schools closed for? As of now we are out through April 17th. 
    2. My job needs a letter that schools are closed. How can I get this? Email Mr. Kesting(see email address above).We will write you a letter, scan it and send it to you via email. If the dates that we are closed change we will give you an updated letter as needed. If you do not have email leave me a voice mail message and I can arrange for it to be mailed.
    3. Do we have to turn in work at the end of the work packet time period? Keep all work until we return. These dates are for pacing your child. Do not stress over finishing everything within the timeline. If your child needs additional time or breaks give it to them. Do the best as you can as a family to keep students on track with their work. We do not want to add additional stress to what is already a challenging situation. 
    4. Is the work students do during Remote Learning going to be graded? Students will be assessed in some fashion for completed work. We want students to take this seriously and give their best effort on each assignment. We are supporting students remotely and will support students when we return. 
    5. Do we have to make up days that we missed? The District's Remote Learning Plan was approved and will count towards the required 180 days of school. Families at Kuser were given an Remote Learning attendance sheet to sign each day. The work students complete will also document their attendance.

    Other Important Information:

    If you do not have Internet please call the following number (866)-200-9522.  You can also use this link for more information

    Use this link if you need information on how to connect to WiFi with a Chromebook.

    Thank you for your continued patience and support! We miss our Kuser Kats!

    Roberto Kesting



    Kuser Elementary School