•  Welcome  On this site you can access my class & grading policies, homework, dates of upcoming tests, and websites with practice and animations to help you understand the material better too.  From time to time I will post other important information as well.  Parents should know I check my email at  bcullen@hamilton.k12.nj.us everyday.  Leave me your phone number if you like and I will be happy to call you back as soon as possible. Follow the links at the left to see more about your course.

    TUTORS  AVAILABLE-  Science National Honor Society Students are available for tutoring for those interested.   If you are falling behind or just want extra help, let me know and I will put you in touch with someone to work out a convenient time to meet. ONLINE TEXTBOOK-  Go to Student Resources on the Steinert webpage and click on CLEVER.   Go to the my.HRW.com icon and enter your Google user and password.