Remote Learning Schedule
  • Live Sessions can be accessed in google classroom. Login to google classroom and click the link provided. 


    Remote Learning Information: 

    Students received copies of all materials they will need for Remote Learning.  One side of the pocket folder includes materials for the 3rd Marking Period and the other side includes materials for the 4th Marking Period. 

    If students were absent on Friday, March 13th their materials were mailed home. 

    My teacher web page includes a syllabus.  This has tentative dates for each week.  The syllabus includes links to assignments that are also posted in google classroom.  The syllabus is a guide.  Google classroom will have the most up-to-date assignments and assessments. 

    Student packets will be used for assessments and assessments are posted in google classroom.  Completion of packets and study guides are important to ensure students can perform well on assessments. So, it is important that they hand write these assignments to assist in their own learning.  Follow along sheets in History help to ensure students have reviewed each slide. In Englsh, the comprehension questions ensure students understand the key points of the reading selections.  If the questions are * in English it means that is a quiz question.  

    Keep in mind, for Individual practice activities, for example, follow along sheets, comprehension questions and study guides, I will ask students to take a photo and upload it to google classroom.  It will not be all the assignments.  This is a check in, to see that students are completing these assignments and they will be entered into powerschool as individual practice.  Tests (summative assessments) and Quiz Grades (formative) will be done in google classroom using google forms.  Students have been doing this all year and they are familar with the procedure. If a student does not meet the "cut score" they will take the assessment again and their grade in powerschool will reflect the average based on the restest. 


    Please reach out if you have questions:



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