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    As we move into May, we will begin an official school-day schedule.  I will continue to be available weekdays between 10a and 2p for email office hours.

    Each class period will have set times.  That doesn't mean you can't work at your own pace.  What it means is that will be the time for Google Meets/video conferencing if needed.  It also means that you may receive less work.  If we have a Google Meet scheduled that you can not join, but you are available during another class period of the same level, just send me a message and I will send you the link for that class.

    We will keep Fridays as live review game days and catch-up. Please remember to visit Google Classroom for assignments.

    The class period schedule is listed below.

     Per student request, I have been setting due dates on all assignments in Google Classroom.  These dates are posted for your convenience, to help you plan and keep you current.   I understand that our learning situation is unique, therefore it may be necessary to turn things in after that date.  You are not being penalized for late work...but you will be reminded that you have work outstanding.

    Stay well!

    Hasta pronto, Sra. A

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    PERIODO 1 (Honduras): nvzdcbl

    PERIODO 2 (Costa Rica): 2cjpvqj

    PERIODO 3 (Peru): utbjvnu

    PERIODO 5 (Venezuela): r7x5rdk

    PERIODO 6 (Guatemala): idcapld

    PERIODO 9 (Argentina): ujoz5qm



    EMAIL OFFICE HOURS: 10am - 2pm

    Monday/Wednesday: (periods 1-5)

    P1. 10:00 / P2. 10:50 / P3. 11:40 / P4. 12:30 / P.5 1:20

    Tuesday/Thursday: (periods 6-9)

    P.6 10:00 / P.7 10:50 / P.8 11:40 / P.9 12:30 / MEETINGS/FOLLOW-UPS: 1:20

    Friday: (WIN DAY: what I need day)

    Small group instruction