Assignments and what's happening

  • WEEK OF:   January  4 -  18   2019


    Monday:  Mid-year Test open-ended

    Tuesday:   Mid-year Test open-ended

    Wednesday:  Mid-year Test- True/False

    Thursday:  Mid-year Test - Multiple choice

    Friday:  make-ups



    NOTE:   All plans subject to change




    Estimated date of next quiz:  February 1st

    Estimated date of next test:   January 14th






    Name a simplified fraction that is between 2/3  and. 7/10



    E-mail me the correct answer by Thursday January 24th at 11:59 pm and you will receive 5 extra credit points to be applied to your 2nd marking period grade.

    Please be sure the e-mail is clear as to who you are.