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Hello parents, I will be your childs teacher for the school year. I am confident we will have a fun and productive year and I hope your children enjoy my class!!!!!!


The following packets have been delivered to the stduents during this remote learning session.  If your child was not present for the handout, please refer to the google classroom for the packet that was given.  There are extra copies in the Main OFfice in my mailbox if you need a copy of the packet.  World Hisotry is the South East Asia Independence and Medieval History is the Song/Tang Dynasty.  I will be updating google classroom as needed.  Please send the finished work for the week by the end of the day Friday.   If there are any questions regarding this information, please do not hesitate to email me at any time and I will respond immediately.  Thank You


Google Classroom Code for Medieval History - 4vwzco2

Google Classroom Code for World History - vcyzo7r


Week 1 - World History - Students should complete Southeast Asian Independence, New Nations in Africa and Conflicts in Middle East


Week 1 - Medieval History - Students should complete Tang/Song China, Monguel Conquests, Mongul Empire


Week 2 - World Hisotry - Complete Conflicts in Middle East, Central Asia Struggles, Challenge of Democracy in Africa


Week 2 - Medieval History - Complete Mongul Empire, Feudal Powers in Japan, Kingdoms of Southeast Asia and Korea