Mr. Bardachino



Degrees and Certifications:

B.S., Rider University Diploma, U.S Army Infantry School (O.C.S.) Officer Commission, U.S. Army M.A.T., University of the Arts

Mr. Bardachino


Welcome to Steinert High School Visual Art!


The purpose of high school art courses are to strengthen your higher-level thinking skills such as critical thinking and problem solvingCritical thinking is the ability to think on your own without outside influence. Critical thinking is self-directed, self-disciplined, self-monitored, and self-corrective thinking. In essence, art teaches you to think for yourself and gives you confidence to solve complex problems. Critical thinking skills and hard work are the link between basic knowledge and great achievement.


Steinert Fine Art Policy on

Cell Phones / Headphones / Earbuds / Digital Devices

Cell phones and other electronic devices (including headphones, earbuds, games, and other digital devices) MUST BE PUT AWAY upon entering the art room. Please stow them in your backpack / purse / bag. Please do not have them on your person or in your pocket as it will tempt you to use it. 

Cell phones, etc. are NOT to be used UNLESS I tell you otherwise.

NO DIGITAL DEVICES are allowed during a test. If your device / earbuds / phone / headphones are out at any time during the test, your test will be taken, you will be given a ZERO, and a discipline form will be sent to administration as outlined in the school policy. There will be NO EXCEPTION.

IF you are using your device without permission (other than during a test as noted above), I will ask you to put it away or may ask you to place it on the teacher's desk for the remainder of the period. If the device comes out again, I will begin the process outlined in the student handbook for cell phone use, which will include an email to the appropriate administrator and, depending on the severity of the offense, I may addtionally ask you to go to ISAP for the remainder of the period.