• Important District Grading Message for Marking Period Three: 

    • All assignments that were completed by March 13th will be graded and counted in a traditional manner. 

    • Any assignment given during our remote learning (past three weeks) in marking period 3 can only serve to enhance a student’s grade; these assignments cannot be detrimental to a student’s grade.  

    • As such, in powerschool for Marking period 3, any remote learning assignment that you see in PURPLE is an assignment that has been “exempted” by the teacher because that grade would be detrimental to the student’s grade.

      Attention some  new 6th grade students:  If you have not joined my Google Classroom, my code to join is: 3xnjrl7. 

      ****Students: You're doing GREAT!  Keep up the good work and continue sending questions via email or comments in assignments! tobduski-giordano@hamilton.k12.nj.us

      If you have not submitted any work look in archived lessons above for the past daily instruction.

    **********Remember to log in to Google Classroom for specific details, steps, videos, rubrics, instructions, worksheets etc.. on all assignments.  Each weeks new lessons are posted on top.  Be sure to keep all classwork together and turn in assignments when they are due :-)

    New Assignments for the Week of March 30th. to April 3rd.:

     For Grades 6 Applied Technology and Grade 7 Art: ( work 30 to 40 minutes every other day)

    Draw and Color your Menu Journal.  The rubric is in Google Classroom.  This is due (formative grade) April 2nd. for day two and April 3rd. for day one.  Turn in the pictures by emailing a picture or sharing it with me as a Google Doc. 

    For Grade 8 Art: 

     Turn in the pictures by emailing a picture or sharing it with me as a Google Doc. - Menu Due March 31st for a formative grade.

    Draw and Color or Shade the Tree House Project. (Lesson in Google Classroom)  This is due (Summative grade) April 3rd. 

    New Assignments for the Week of April 13th.Day 1 to April 17th Day 1:   ( work 30 to 40 minutes every day)

    For Grades 6 Applied Technology:

    Solve the Traffic Jam Challenge:

    Practice to think in CODE!  After you figured out the Traffic Jam Challenge, type the Steps-the Code on a Blank Google Doc titled Traffic Jam with First and Last Name Day and Period.  Due Friday the 17th- Share the Google Doc with me.  -Summative Grade- The detailed lesson with instructions can also be found in the link below.


    Grade 7 Art:

    Flying Box Project/ One Point Perspective:

    Draw, Shade, and/ or Color flying boxes in one point perspective while following the video.  Use the whole paper space.  10,12,14, boxes or more should fill in the whole space on the paper.  Then add shading with a light source.   Due April 17th for a Summative Grade.  Take a picture of the finished beautiful art and email it to me or share it with me on a Google Doc.  The lesson can also be found in the link below.


    For Grade 8 Art:

    Careers in Art:

    Type a one page essay on a Blank Google Doc about 5 various Art Careers and their responsibilities.  In the final concluding paragraph write which Art career you would choose and why?  (even if that is not your plan for your future)  Resources and videos can be found in Google Classroom.  Also Google research on your own .   This is due on April 17th. for a Summative Grade.  Title the Google Doc:  Careers in Art.  Also make sure that your first, last name, and period is typed in as well. The lesson can also be found in the link below.