Mrs. Lyon

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Secondary Educations and Mathematics

Mrs. Lyon

 Attention Parents/Guardians

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Algbera Units: #1 Modeling with Linear Equations and Inequalities, #2 Modeling with Linear Functions, Linear Systems, and Exponential Functions, #3 Modeling with Quadratic Equations, Functions, and Polynomials, and #4 Modeling with Statistics

 Geometry Units: #1 Congruence and Constructions, #2 Congreunce, Similarity, and Proofs, #3 Trig Ratios and Geometeric Equations, and #4 Geometry with Modeling


 District Grading Policy: Summative 50%, Formative 40%, Individual Practice 10%  (click on side-tab for more info)


Welcome!This year I will be stepping up to the plate and challenging you through the use of applications rather than basic math skills and concept exercises.  I will be encouraging you  to extend your mathematical thinking to not just ideas that sound great within your heads, but ones that come out proficient in your writing and being able to  communicate your mathematical ideas to your peers in class.  I hope through certain projects assigned this year, you will see that mathematics is truly an essentially important part of the world.  Math is in everything we do, see, touch, eat, drink, smell, think, and feel.  And until someone tells you to stop and take a minute to look around at the world and see all the ways mathematics is intertwined into our daily lives, you will never truly appreciate mathematics.  

"If you do not succeed in life, I do not want you to blame your parents. I do not want you to blame the person sitting next to you.  I do not want you to blame the person before or after you in line.  I want you to take on the responsibility.  This is the year to take responsibility for your own education!  You are here for one reason, and one reason only: to learn.  To work for what you believe in.  The alternative is to waste your time, to fail yourself. "