• Remote Learning Plan 

    Students MUST sign in to their Google Account and then use the attendance link to check in "every day" for attendance by 11:59 pm each day. I prefer it during school hours :) 

    **If you do not use your school email, you will receive an error code :/   Thank you !


    Attendance Link  https://forms.gle/JPZLxTnpHXh9GAkr7 


    Important District Grading Message for Marking Period Three: 

    • All assignments that were completed by March 13th will be graded and counted in a traditional manner. 

    • Any assignment given during our remote learning (past three weeks) in marking period 3 can only serve to enhance a student’s grade; these assignments cannot be detrimental to a student’s grade.  

    • As such, in powerschool for Marking period 3, any remote learning assignment that you see in PURPLE is an assignment that has been “exempted” by the teacher because that grade would be detrimental to the student’s grade.


     Online text book url:   https://my.mheducation.com/login      

    Parents: Everything can be accessed through Google Classroom and downloaded if needed.  All students have Activity List 1 & 2 from Chapter 6 Lessons 1 & 2 with the accompanying worksheets and a DBQ packets for remote learning :)  

    Thank you & stay healthy Mrs. Lucchesi



    Monday, Tuesdsay & Wednesday  4/13 - 4/14 - 4/15

    India Historical TimeLine Project- Directions and all papers were handed out in class on 3/13 or mailed. Read direction sheets carefully.  You can work on the questions with a partner if you like...meaning both can work on Google classroom if you share the document with that person and make sure you both "turn in" after you ae finished.  Make edits and revisions and proofread before you are done:). Look at the small checklist for the  timeline before you are done.  Attached a picture of your timeline to the assignmement. Answer the 2 questions completely. GO TO CLASSROOM TO FIND ASSIGNMENT- YES THIS WILL BE GRADED AND COUNT FOR 4TH MARKING PERIOD!

    Timeline Directions   Timeline Rubric   Timeline Pictures Timeline Checklist

    THURSDAY 4/16

     Vocabulary Builder WORKSHEET  ( Ch. 6 -Lessons 1,2,3) 

     Worksheet side 1   Worksheet side 2 - complete vocabulary worksheet for Ch.6 (pages 182-187) or use the online textbook.  Match the word to its definition (#1-18). Each word is highlighted and used in context.  Based on context clues choose the correct definition. Complete the backside Academic Vocabulary. Turn in through Google Classroom.

    Friday 4/17

    Go to the assignment linked to Google Classroom from NEWSELA and read the article “ Asoka”  &” Gandhi”and complete an online quiz and submit.