Mr. Lindsey



Degrees and Certifications:

B.A. Teacher Education - Stockton University M.A. Special Education - Rowan University NJ Standard of Certification in Teacher of Students with Disabilities, K-12. NJ Standard of Certification in Social Studies, K-12

Mr. Lindsey



Welcome to Mr. Lindsey's Website! 

This year, I will be designated as the Social Studies Self-Contained Teacher among the 6th and 7th  grade students located in rooms C-2 and C-100.  In addition, Mrs. Barbara Barron will be our educational assistant for Science and Social Studies, 6th grade students.  Mrs. Kathy Davies will be our educational assistant for 7th grade. 

Moreover, I will be the ICR teacher with Mrs. McGinn, periods 7 and 9, respectively.

Once again, I look forward to another excellent school year here at the Hamilton Township School District!

During the 1st Semester 6th Grade, your child will learn about lunar phases, the solar system, life sciences that will include cells and heredity, and physical forces such as gravity, matter, energy, and motion, respectively.  During the 2nd Semester 6th Grade, your child will learn about weather and climate, populations and community interactions, and waves and energy.

During the 2nd Semester, 6th grade and 7th grade students, your child will explore and analyze the creation of the world's classical civilzations which will include Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece,  and Ancient Rome, respectively.  Moreover, students will investigate the intricacies involving the civilization's successful formation of governments, ancient religions, a hierarchies of social status, and economic imperatives.  In addition, for students to achieve a satisfactory understanding, they will be required to participate in group projects, formal and informal assessments, web-quests, and investigative readings.  Also, students will always have the opportunity to share insight related to our contempory and past human achievements and conflicts, so long as the disourse is not insensitive, inappropriate, or offensive to other students and staff. 


District Grading Protocol

Summative (Tests, Projects) - 50%

Formative (Class work) - 40%

Independent Practice (Homework) - 10%


Mr. Lindsey’s Classroom Rules:

  • Respect others physical space and their opinions.
  • Be attentive during instructional time.
  • Engage yourself in classroom discussions.
  • Raise your hand to participate.
  • Please be on time.


Attention Parents/Guardians:

Please visit your child's Powerschool Portal to view all upcoming due dates for assessments, projects, and homework.