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Miss Carney



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Miss Carney- Week 1&2 Lessons

Hello Students, below you will find the list of assignments for the next five days. Throughout the week, you will analyze the Pluto story, by completing theme and figurative language activities each day. On Friday you will take a short quiz on the Plot of Pluto; use after reading questions to help you study! The quiz will be open notes. Please see google classroom for the worksheets each day.


  • Brainstorm: Students will take notes on how Christopher has changed throughout the novel (On a Google Doc)
  • Changes in Christopher
    • Using their notes, students will complete a quick write to demonstrate how the main character has developed. 
  • Iready
    • Students will complete two iReady Lessons


  • Theme: Students will complete a worksheet based on the main theme in the novel
  • iReady: Students will complete three iReady Lessons.


  • Figurative Language: Students will determine the meaning of examples of similes from the text. Students will also identify and explain similes that they locate in the novel.
  • iReady: Students will need to complete two iReady lessons.


  • Figurative Language: Students will identify hyperboles, onomatopoeias, and idioms and determine their meanings.
  • iReady: Students will need to complete two iReady lessons.


  • Quiz: Students will complete a quiz based on plot development. 
  • iReady: Students will need to complete two iReady lessons.



The best way to contact me is via email: mcarney@hamilton.k12.nj.us  

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