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Welcome to 8th grade science.


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    Bedford - Weeks 1 & 2 Assignments link


    Hello Students and Parents,

    During remote learning, assignments will be found on our class's Google Classroom page.  Below is a list of the assignments currently scheduled for this time period.  Assignments will be added as time goes on.  If you have any questions, please e-mail me at:

    During our time at home remote learning, if there is a "0" as a grade for an assignment, this DOES NOT mean the assignment cannot be made up.  The assignment can still be handed in.  I still want your child to learn the material.  The "0" just indicates for you and your child that the assignment is currently missing.  

    Below are the second 10 days of assignments.  Currently assignments for days 1 - 11 are available on Google Classroom:



    Remote Learning Lesson Plans for Days 11-20


    Title Description

    Estimated Time



    Day 11



    Project: Choose from three project ideas to demonstrate your knowledge of corona virus data, spread of the virus, and ways to protect yourself from infection.  Project directions are on Google Classroom.  “Share” or email project when complete.

    180 min

    project via email or Google

    Day 12


    Make a Google Quiz:  Using the instructional video, make a google quiz to go with a Newsela article about viruses, pandemics, or Covid-19 in particular.  Video link and blank quiz document are on Google Classroom. “Turn in” article and quiz when complete.

    40 min.

    Google quiz via Classroom

    Natural and Artificial Resources

    Day 13


    Notes: Copy our “Save the Planet” notes from Google Classroom onto a blank piece of notebook paper.  Keep these notes for future use in this unit. Be sure to copy the notes word-for-word.

    30 min.

    Future assessment

    Day 14


    1. Article and quiz: Read the Newsela article “How Things Work: Solar Cells”, and then take the separate quiz in the assignment.  “Turn in” when complete. Article and quiz are on Google Classroom.
    2. Make-up time: Use some time to make up any work you owe me during our remote learning time.  Work may be turned in for a late grade.  

    40 min.

    Google quiz via Google Classroom

    Day 15


    Workbook lessons and self-check (quiz): Resources: Read for comprehension the two workbook lessons, then take the self-check quiz until you get a 100%.    Lessons and quiz are on Google Classroom. 


    Quiz via Google Classroom

    Day 16


    1. EdPuzzle: Renewable Energy 101 video with embedded questions.  Link is on Google Classroom. 
    2. Survey:  Take the virtual “Ecological Footprint Calculator” to determine your impact on the Earth using the worksheet as a guide.  Worksheet with the website link is on Google Classroom. “Turn in” when complete.  

    Video quiz and Survey via Google Classroom docs

    Climate Change

    Day 17


    Video Lab: Using directions, complete Lesson 1 of “Climate Change and Ecological Footprint” activity.  Worksheet and video directions are on Google Classroom. 

    40 min.

    Worksheet via Google classroom

    Day 18-20

    4/22 - 24/20

    Google Slides Presentation:   You may work alone or with one other student who has me as their science teacher.

    All directions and Google Slides template are available on Google Classroom. 

    Day 18: Using the directions, create a Google Slides presentation on the climate change vocabulary list provided.  


    Day 19: Using the directions provided, add before and after photos and descriptions to your slides presentation.

    Day 20: Using the directions provided, use the graphs to answer reflection questions.

    “Turn in” your slides presentation when you are all done.  

     30 min.

    40 min.

    30 min.

    Google slides doc via Classroom