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    *Applied Technology students with Day 1/Day 2 classes should check in every other day.  For example- Day 2 students must check in on Monday, April 13th
    Day 1 students must check in on Tuesday, April 14th, etc.

    Important District Grading Message for Marking Period Three: 

    • All assignments that were completed by March 13th will be graded and counted in a traditional manner. 

    • Any assignment given during our remote learning (past three weeks) in marking period 3 can only serve to enhance a student’s grade; these assignments cannot be detrimental to a student’s grade.  

    • As such, in powerschool for Marking period 3, any remote learning assignment that you see in PURPLE is an assignment that has been “exempted” by the teacher because that grade would be detrimental to the student’s grade.

    Students & Families: Hope you enjoy(ed) Spring Break (from April 6-10, 2020) 
    When we return on Monday, 4/13/20, please continue to send your questions via email or comments in assignments! 

    Remember to log in to Google Classroom for specific details on all assignments.  Be sure to keep all classwork together and turn in assignments when they are due :-)

    Here's a quick glance at the Remote Lesson Plans for this week: 

         Week #4   April 13-17, 2020

    Monday, April  13, 2020
    6th & 8th grade: Complete working on Remote Learning Assignment #3 - TURN IN your Invitation Drawing/Document
    **Best of luck to my 6th grade students as you start Health Class tomorrow/Tuesday, April 14th  :-)
    7th grade (Applied Tech Day 2 Class): Code.org Complete Lesson #5

    1st Day of the 4th Marking Period
    Tuesday, April 14, 2020
    6th grade:  Welcome to Computer Literacy - check your email to join our Google Classroom; Review the Course Outline with your Parents/Guardians
    7th grade (Applied Tech Day 1 Class): Code.org Complete Lesson #6
    8th grade: Continue working to complete your Crossword Puzzle assignment 

    Wednesday, April 15, 2020
    6th grade: Complete Google Form and All About Me document shared in Google Classroom
    7th grade (Applied Tech Day 2 Class): Code.org Complete Lesson #6
    8th grade: Complete the Crossword Puzzle assignment - TURN IN when finished

    Thursday, April 16, 2020
    6th grade: Start Rules & Tools Webquest
    7th grade (Applied Tech Day 1 Class): Code.org - sign in & make sure that all previously assigned lessons are completed
    8th grade: Share a VIEW ONLY version of your Crossword Puzzle assignment with your assigned partner 

    Friday, April 17, 2020
    6th grade: Complete the Rules & Tools Webquest - TURN IN your answers document
    7th grade (Applied Tech Day 2 Class): Code.org - sign in & make sure that all previously assigned lessons are completed
    8th grade: Solve the Crossword Puzzle that was shared with you and TURN IN when completed



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