• All students MUST log in to their Google Accounts and use this link to check in DAILY.

     Daily Check In

    Important District Grading Message for Marking Period Three: 

    • All assignments that were completed by March 13th will be graded and counted in a traditional manner. 

    • Any assignment given during our remote learning (past three weeks) in marking period 3 can only serve to enhance a student’s grade; these assignments cannot be detrimental to a student’s grade.  

    • As such, in powerschool for Marking period 3, any remote learning assignment that you see in PURPLE is an assignment that has been “exempted” by the teacher because that grade would be detrimental to the student’s grade.


    April 2 and 3

    Good morning! Please do your daily check-in. It was so nice to see some of your faces yesterday! When we come back from spring break, we’ll Zoom again. 

    We’re going to try something different for Thursday and Friday. I have assigned a text set in Newsela for you. Please read all of the following directions.


    • To get to Newsela, log into Clever. 
    • You should see the assigned text set as soon as you log in. Please complete the assignment between Thursday and Friday. 
    • When you finish, please turn in the written portion in Classroom.


    The directions for the assignment itself are in Newsela. Basically, there are three articles that you MUST read and take notes on, then two that you can choose. Take the quizzes for the ones that you choose. Write at least one paragraph (in Classroom) that answers the essential question and pulls information from at least two sources. The two sources can be required or optional articles. 

    Disclaimer: I have never assigned a text set assignment like this in Newsela before. Please make every attempt to figure out any tech issues on your own by playing around with it. For example, I wasn’t sure where to find the different colors to highlight text so I tried highlighting it with the mouse and the colors appeared. 

    Please let me know if you have any questions. When you’re finished with this assignment, please check PowerSchool to see if you’re missing any work. Some of you have been turning in assignments from 1st marking period instead of looking at what might be missing from the last three weeks :) In addition, please don’t resubmit work without looking at comments I made or work that has already been graded. 

    Enjoy spring break! Please do not hesitate to reach out if you need anything!

    March 30, 31, and April 1

    Good morning! Please do your daily check in. Book reports are due today. If you’re having technical difficulties with getting it done, please let me know. If you’re having any other difficulties with getting any of the other work done, please let me know!

    Completing the next section of Across Five Aprils is going to be a 3 day assignment. By the end of Wednesday, please do the following:


    • Read the background information on p. 20 in the packet (page number on the bottom of the page, not the slide on the right).
    • Write an original sentence for each of the vocabulary words on p. 20. Use the vocabulary sentence document that you began last week. Submit it in Classroom.
    • Read chapters 4-6.
    • Answer the personal response question and questions 1-7 on pages 22-23. In addition, please answer the Extending Your Response: Literature Groups question. You may discuss that last question with other people, but each person needs to submit his/her own answer in a fully developed paragraph. Submit your answers in Classroom.


    I would like to set up two Zoom meetings for this week. On Tuesday, I’d like to do a friendly chat check-in at 1 and have another meeting on Wednesday at 1 to discuss the book. Like last time, you’re under no obligation to attend either meeting, but it would be nice!



    Good morning! Don’t forget to do your daily check in! Thanks to those of you who were able to Zoom! We will do another Zoom check in next week, later in the day. It may just be a chat session if you're interested.

    Book reports are due on Monday. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions you have.

    Today is going to be a fun Friday! Please click on the link at the bottom to take you to a Hogwarts escape room. You may work with a partner or small group to complete the tasks. When you finish, please attach a Doc to this assignment and write a review of the escape room. How does it compare to real life escape rooms if you have done any? What did you like? What confused you? What kind of escape room would you design and what tasks would you include?



    3/25 and 3/26

    Good morning, friends! Please do your daily check in and then double check that you have submitted all of your work. I’m going to send an email later to people who have missing work, but I have a feeling that some of you simply forgot to hit turn in for assignments like the vocab workbook pages where you didn’t have to attach anything. Also, you should have put your virtual tour summary on the shared page so others can read it, not in your own document. 

    Between today and tomorrow, please read chapters 1-3 in Across Five Aprils and answer the comprehension questions (1-7) on pages 16 and 17. Please complete the personal response question on page 16. I know you didn’t do the Focus Activity referenced in question 7, but you can still answer it. 

    In addition, please write (at minimum) one well-developed paragraph to respond to the following question. At dinner, Wilse and the Creightons have a discussion/debate. How does this scene help you better understand the conflicts that led to the Civil War? (Based on the Literature Groups question in Extending Your Response)

    You are not required to complete a character chart like the one on page 15, but I do recommend it because it will help you keep track of who the characters are. 

    Please submit your answers to all of the questions in a single document by the end of Thursday. 

    I would like to schedule a Zoom conference with whomever is able to join at 9AM tomorrow. You are not required to be there, but it would be nice. If you would like to join but have another teacher requiring your presence at that time, please let me know. I’ll post a link to the conference through Classroom. 

    If I missed anything in my directions, please feel free to ask. HOWEVER. Please read others’ comments and my responses before you do so. 



    This is the Doc with the Daily Agenda for all days that are not on this page:

    Daily Agenda Doc