Miss Zippo



Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor's Degree: English & Secondary Education Certification: English Language Arts (6-12) with advanced standing

Miss Zippo


Hamilton Township School District is moving to Remote Learning beginning 3/16/2020.

All student assignments will be posted on Google Classroom & reminds will be sent through the Remind101 App.

Email me at azippo@hamilton.k12.nj.us with any questions or concerns. Alternatively, you may post in Google Classroom for any questions or support.

What is remote learning? This occurs when the learner and instructor, or source of information, are separated by time and distance and therefore cannot meet in a traditional classroom setting. Learning will be done at home through online instruction. 

Why implement remote learning? Remote learning is implemented, so that education can continue without having to add on days at the end of the year AND/OR take away vacation days. This DOES count toward the 180 days that the state requires all students to be in school. 

As a student, what are my responsibilities?

-log onto Google Classroom every single weekday (Monday-Friday)

-you will work NO LONGER than 40 minutes per class (no more than 4 hours a day)

-read all important announcements on Classroom

-complete any assignments on Google Classroom (clear/specific directions will be posted along with worksheets created through Google Documents)

-I will be available for questions/support through email and/or directly messaging me on Google Classroom

-reminds will be sent out each day as well (please join the app if you have not already - this is another form of communication - PARENTS CAN JOIN, too)


As a parent, what are my responsibilities?

-MOTIVATE TOWARD SUCCESS: encourage and support your child to complete their responsibilities each and every weekday 

-DEVICE USAGE: allow your child to use an at home device for support for a portion of the day (laptop, desktop, tablet, etc.)

-STAY INVOLVED: talk with your child (ask how they are doing, if they need support, if they are on track or behind, etc.)

-CREATE A COMFORTABLE LEARNING ENVIRONMENT: provide necessary equipment, create a distraction free zone, etc. 


Welcome to Miss Zippo's 8th grade English Language Arts class. I am very excited for an engaging and productive year with each one of my students. This year, we will be combining reading comprehension with grammar and writing skills. Our goal for the year is to use our newly developed writing skills to interpret and analyze literature by using higher level thinking. Get ready for an exciting [final] year in your middle school career =)

This is a Google friendly class.  

What does this mean???? This means that resources, extra copies, teacher announcements, student progress, assignments, etc. can all be found on your child's Google Classroom for 8th Grade ELA. (Of course, extra copies are also located in the physical classroom as well!)

As a parent, how can I join my child's Google Classroom???? In the beginning of the year, you will receive an invite from me to join your child's Google Classroom for this specific class (the email connected to PowerSchool will be the email invited to join. If you did not provide a parent/guardian email, then you will not receive an invite). Simply accept the request to be able to view all documents, announcements, progress, assignments, resources, etc. 

I did not get an invite in the beginning of the school year. No worries! View your child's syllabus for the correct code for our Google Classroom, enter the code, and request to join. Their syllabus should be located in the very front of their binder. If your child did not organize their binder properly OR misplaced their syllabus, go to the left side toolbar and click on "Classroom Resources". There, you will find important codes.

I am still having issues joining Google Classroom as a parent/guardian. If this is the case, please send me an email and I will personally invite you to join your child's Google Classroom with the email you provided. 


What are the benefits of parents/guardians joining their child's Google Classroom????

- This will boost parent/guardian involvement in your child's academic life which will help support the success of your child

- You will be able to view important due dates for assignments/projects through Google Calendar and directly on the Classroom site 

-You will have access to all worksheets, assignments, guidelines, that your child receives in class, as well as important announcements directly from the teacher to stay in-the-know of what your child is engaging in academically 

- You will be emailed a summary of your child's work (turned in on time, late, or not at all. You can also see student work AND teacher feedback)

- You can translate class announcements into any preferred language with Google Tools

- Much easier to email the teacher and even your child 

CLICK HERE for a brief intro video on how to use Google Classroom as a parent/guardian

CLICK HERE for more information on how to use Google Classroom as a parent/guardian