Mrs. Megan Wilson



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Mrs. Megan Wilson

Hamilton Township School District is moving to remote learning beginning 3/16/20.

All assignments will be posted to Google Classroom. I sent everyone an invite. 

Please email me at with any questions.  


--6th and 7th grade will have 5 assignments total (Day 1/2).

--8th grade will be assigned everyday through March 27th (10 assignments total).




WELCOME T6th, 7th & 8th grade art class


6th Grade Art: Meets every other day all year long

7th Grade Art: Meets every other day all year long

8th Grade Art Elective:  Meets every day all year long

8th Grade Art Cycle: Meets for one marking period (45 days) Quarterly Class


***To order your 2020 Yearbook, please click this link and find "Albert E. Grice" and follow instructions:  ***



* Summative Assessments:  50% includes Art Projects that take several class periods

* Formative Assessments: 40% includes Sketches, Worksheets, Artist studies, One-day assessments

* Individual Practice:  10% includes Daily Studio Participation Grade