Mr. Wilson



Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelors of Science from Winthrop University

Mr. Wilson

Our current unit is: Indoor and Outdoor electives. Students will have several options to choose from including various individual sports, team sports, and fitness activities.

Next unit: Capture the flag

Homework: For information regarding Mr. Wilson's 7th grade Health class, please login to google classroom. The health syllabus and classroom assignments will be listed on google classroom.

Below you will find our Physical Education class syllabus. All classroom rules, expectations and grading procedures will be listed below.

Class Syllabus

Mr. Wilson
Physical Education
(609) 631- 4152 ext. 5889 


  1. Stay out of the gym area until you are dismissed from the locker room.
  2. Do not handle gym equipment without teacher consent or supervision.
  3. No food or gum.
  4. Valuables must be locked in your assigned locker. (We are not responsible for lost or stolen valuables that are left unlocked.)  The locker room will be locked during the gym period.  Entry is prohibited.
  5. Respect yourself and others.
  6. Follow directions the first time they are given.
  7. Report all injuries or problems to your teacher before dismissal from class.
  8. All other school rules apply.


            1st Offense- Warning
            2nd Offense- Student-Teacher conference (after class meeting/detention)
            3rd Offense- Guidance Contact and Parent Contact
            4th Offense- Administrative Referral
            *Depending on the severity of the situation, the teacher has the right to combine consequences.


  • Students must change out of the clothes they wore to school.
  • Athletic sneakers, shorts/sweatpants, and a T-shirt/sweatshirt.
  • Tank tops and/or pajama pants are not permitted.
  • During marking periods 1 and 4, be prepared to dress for outside weather.   
  • All jewelry must be removed prior to class. 


  • Locks and lockers are provided.  You may bring your own lock.
  • A lost lock during the year will be $7.50. A new lock will not be provided until the lost lock has been paid for.
  • Never share a locker or your combination with another student.
  • Always keep your belongings locked!


  • Students will be marked late if they are not inside the locker room when the bell rings. 
  • Students will  be marked late if they are not sitting in his/her assigned seat when teacher takes attendance. 


  • If the student knows he/she is going to be absent (i.e. school trip, band, pictures) please make sure the teacher is made aware ahead of time. 


  • The bathroom is to be used for emergencies only!
  • Use the lavatories in the locker room before or after class.


  • Students exit the room and the building in the direction of the posted signs.
  • The students should remain quiet and in a straight line throughout the drill.


  • Students remain in the locker room until the bell rings.


  • No more than three parent notes will be accepted for a marking period.
  • A doctor’s note is needed if you are to be excused for any length of time, including a date for return.


  • Grades are based on 100 points.
  • Active participation is expected.
  • Students may lose points due to lack of participation or for being partially unprepared.
  • A rubric will be used to evaluate the students’ participation in skills being taught, his/her ability to work with others, and his/her understanding of the rules/expectations of the activity.

*The district wide grading policy is subject to change pending the online grading system restrictions.