• UPCOMING EVENTS (last update on 6/9/19)

    • Instruments are no longer needed for the last few classes.  If students have a personal or rented music instrument in our storage closet please take it home by Tuesday afternoon.
    • Dorney Park Trip - Friday, June 14th - See trip details below.

     Dorney Park Trip Details

    Trip Itinerary - Friday, June 14th

    7:00am - Students and Chaperones arrive at Grice (alternate transportation might be needed.)

    7:15am - Students and Chaperones board busses.

    7:30am - Depart Grice for Allentown Rest Area on PA TURNPIKE NorthEast Extension

    9:00am - 10:15am - Stop at Rest Stop (Students get $10 cash each)

    10:30am - 10:45am - Arrive at Dorney Park

    10:45am - 7:30pm - Enjoy Dorney Park! (Each student and chaperone gets two meal vouchers to use for the day.)

    7:30pm - Exit the park and board the busses.

    8:00pm - 9:30pm - Travel home to Grice.

    What to bring on the trip?

    Attire - Grice Band or Orchestra Shirt or Grice Spirit Shirt, Shorts and Comfortable Shoes.  (Slides and Sandals are not recommended.)


    Extra Shirt to change into if doing the log flume, boat flume, or river rapid ride

    Plastic bag to put wet items in

    Rain Poncho - just in case

    Extra Money for dessert foods/snacks and souviners

    Students are able to bring electronic devices but they assume responsibility for the device for the duration of the trip.

    How should my child behave on the trip?

    Students are representing you, their teachers, and Grice all day long.  Nothing less than their best, polite behavior is acceptable for the day.  Students are expected to follow all park/ride rules and guidelines.  Students not demonstrating proper behavior will be walking with Mr. Wilmot or Mr. Bonomo for part or the rest of the day depending on the reported behavior.   







  • UPCOMING REHEARSALS (last updated on 4/24/19):

    From now until the Spring Concert (May 9th), Wind Ensemble will meet every TUESDAY and Jazz Ensemble will meet every THURSDAY. 

    Next Jazz Ensemble FULL GROUP Rehearsal: Thursday, May 2nd (3:00-4:30 PM) 

    Next Wind Ensemble FULL GROUP Rehearsal: Tuesday, April 30th (3:00-4:30 PM)  

    Next Improvisation Club: TBA 


  • Welcome to the GRICE Band website MAIN PAGE!

    The **NEW** layout is now LIVE!  It does not matter if you visit Mr. Bonomo's website or Mr. Wilmot's website, they are now 100% identical and contain all the same information.


    • Our "MAIN PAGE" contains important upcoming dates for concerts, festivals, rehearsals, and fundraisers.
    • The "ENSEMBLE INFORMATION" contains brief descriptions and expectations of the various performing ensembles we have at Grice.  In addition, once the school year starts you will be able to see the current music pieces our students are working on in each group.
    • The "CONTACT INFORMATION" page contains email addresses and phone numbers you reach Mr. Bonomo or Mr. Wilmot.
    • Our "EVENTS CALENDAR" will contain all important dates for all our performing groups at Grice.
    • Mr. Bonomo and Mr. Wilmot will be posting monthly to our "BAND BLOGS". These blogs will contain useful information for parents and students alike about all things music!
    • Each "REMIND PAGE" contains our remind feed for the designated group to show you the lastest REMINDs while giving you a convienent place to sign up for our REMIND system. (**NOTE: Please consider signing up for our REMIND system as this will be our primary form of delivering updates.)
    • In our "TWITTER" section, you will see the latest tweets @GriceBands!
    • The "BAND DOWNLOADS" will contain files for you to download at certain points during the school year!  

    Thank you!

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