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    TEAM WORK = STUDENT SUCCESS                                                                                                  

    Dear Students:            

    I look forward to teaching sixth grade science and working to help you achieve success in your academics and all other pertinent areas of development.  Stay positive, focused, and dedicated to your education, and I am sure you will achieve excellent results.

    Please remember the materials you will need for class everyday which includes: student workbooks, pencils, pens, highlighters, science workbooks, binder, spiral notebook/compositon book, Grice Agenda, and a flash drive.  Do Now pages and binder pages will be kept in your binder.  You may get a divider to separate the Do Now pages from the binder pages. 

    Please see the science syllabus and binder pages that are posted on my resource page. See my calendar for homework and asssessment due dates and important reminders.

    Your full name, period, Day, and my name should be clearly labeled on your binder and work books.

    Grice Middle School Agenda Pads should be brought to class everyday.  You should place an X through assignments that are completed.  Assessments will be consist of Summative Assessments:50% Formative Assessments:40% and Independent Practices: 10% of your final grade for each marking period.

    I hope you have a wonderful and successful 2019-2020 school year at Grice Middle School.

    Best Wishes,                                                          

    Ms. Smith :)