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    Sixth Grade Life students will study: 

    A. Forces and Motion

    • Research how Newton's Laws of Motion apply to real-world concepts.
    • Determine the factors that affect electromagnetic forces work.
    • Understand how mass determines gravitational force. 


    B. Geology and Geologic History

    • Determine how rock strata gives us clues about geologic events.
    • Investigate the rock cycle.
    • Research how the Earth's surface has changed over time due to geological forces.


    C. Astronomy and Space Science

    • Use models of the Earth, Moon and Sun system to investigate seasons and phases.
    • Research the role of gravity in the motions of planets and space systems.
    • Determine how to analyze the scale-size of objects in space.


    D. Cells and Heredity

    • Use models to investigate cell parts and how they function as a whole.                     
    • Investigate how body systems function as a whole.
    • Discuss how the environment plays a role in genetic traits.



    • workbook - provided in Science
    • three-ring binder
    • agenda pad - provided in homeroom at the beginning of the year
    • loose leaf paper
    • pens, pencils, and highlighters
    • Science Journal: marble or spiral notebook


    Let's have a fun and educational year together!

    Parent Information Letter

    About the LATIC Program

    Technology Permission Form

    District Technology Form

    6th Grade Science Syllabus

    Back-To-School Night Handout, September 27, 2018

  • Throughout the school year, students explore the above Science topics through a program called LATIC.  The Learner-Active, Technology-Infused Classroom is a system of standards-based structures and strategies that effectively prepare students for college and career. With this goal in mind, the Learner-Active, Technology-Infused Classroom is designed around ten principles:

    Higher-Order, Open-Ended Problem-Solving
     High Academic Standards
     Learning from a Felt Need
     Global Citizenship
     Individual Learning Paths
     Student Responsibility for Learning
     Connected Learning
     Collaboration
     High Social Capital
     Technology Infusion 


    The students prepared the below screencasts to help further explain how the LATIC philosophy enhances our classroom learning. 

    Activity Lists                                                        Rubrics

    Benchmark Lessons                                          Scheduling

    Folders                                                                      Small Group Mini Lessons

    Expert Board, Help Board, & Parking Lot              Student Self-Reflection                             

    Having Choice in Activities                                      Task Management Grid

    Home Groups                                                            Task Statement

    Homework                                                                  Technology in the Classroom

    How-To Folders                                                         The Remind App                

    Resource Table                                                         Transfer Tasks