• Assignments for Thursday, 3/26/2020 have been posted to each Google Classroom. 

    Day 1 Classes: Please make sure you have completed assignments for 3/17, 3/19, 3/23, and 3/25. 

    Day 2 Classes: Please make sure you have completed assignments for 3/16, 3/18, 3/20, and 3/24. 

    8th Grade Classes: Please makes sure you have completed assignments for 3/16-3/25.  

    Information on how to access Google Classroom can be found below. Please email me at tbonomo@hamilton.k12.nj.us with any questions or concerns as we navigate this together! 


    I have set up Zoom meetings for all classes. Please check the Google Classrooms for login/password information. 

    -6th Grade Band: Thursday, March 26th (1:00 PM)

    -7th Grade General Music: Thursday, March 26th (2:00 PM)

    -8th Grade General Music: Friday, March 27th (1:00 PM)

    -8th Grade Band: Friday, March 27th (2:00 PM)


    Mr. Bonomo’s Contact Information and Google Classroom Codes

    Students, Parents/Guardians,


    Mr. Bonomo’s students are expected to continue their work for class remotely.  Below you will find links to my website and email address as well as Google Classroom codes for my classes.


    Updates will be posted on my website, in addition to daily assignments added to Google Classroom.  In the event that a student cannot access Google Classroom, they will be given a paper packet in the upcoming days to take home.  This packet will be due upon the students return to school.


    I will be holding office hours from 8:30am to 3:00pm, Monday through Friday.  During office hours I will be able to email, provide website updates, and post in Google Classroom.

    Mr. Bonomo's Website:  https://www.hamilton.k12.nj.us/Domain/1787


    Mr. Bonomo’s Email Address: tbonomo@hamilton.k12.nj.us



    Period 1 - Day 1  – 6th Grade Percussion - Google Classroom Code: aerojgf


    Period 1- Day 26th Grade Low Brass-Google Classroom Code: 7rtqadr


    Period 2 – 8th General Music - Google Classroom Code: gty6etd


    Period 3 Day 1 and Day 2- 7th General Music- Google Classroom Code: bpwqr7v


    Period 7 Day 1- 6th Grade Band- Google Classroom Code: ccab56y


    Period 7 Day 2- 6th Grade Band- Google Classroom Code: yc3hbkf


    Period 8 – 8th Grade Band – Students Last Name A-L- Google Classroom Code: zwtezv7



  • UPCOMING EVENTS (last update on 3/20/20)


    • MiOS Concert (8th Grade Band ONLY) - CANCELLED

    • Spring Concert - Thursday, May 14, 2020
    • Hershey Park Trip - Friday, June 12, 2020



  • UPCOMING REHEARSALS/CLUBS (Last updated on 3/15/20):

    Next Jazz Ensemble Rehearsal: TBA

    Next Wind Ensemble Rehearsal: TBA

    Next Improvisation Club: TBA

    Next Woodwind Ensemble (Saxophone Quartet) Rehearsal: TBA

    Next Brass Ensemble Rehearsal: TBA

    Next Percussion Ensemble Rehearsal: TBA



  • Welcome to the GRICE Band website MAIN PAGE!

    The **NEW** layout is now LIVE!  It does not matter if you visit Mr. Bonomo's website or Mr. Wilmot's website, they are now 100% identical and contain all the same information.


    • Our "MAIN PAGE" contains important upcoming dates for concerts, festivals, rehearsals, and fundraisers.
    • The "ENSEMBLE INFORMATION" contains brief descriptions and expectations of the various performing ensembles we have at Grice.  In addition, once the school year starts you will be able to see the current music pieces our students are working on in each group.
    • The "CONTACT INFORMATION" page contains email addresses and phone numbers you reach Mr. Bonomo or Mr. Wilmot.
    • Our "EVENTS CALENDAR" will contain all important dates for all our performing groups at Grice.
    • Each "REMIND PAGE" contains our remind feed for the designated group to show you the lastest REMINDs while giving you a convienent place to sign up for our REMIND system. (**NOTE: Please consider signing up for our REMIND system as this will be our primary form of delivering updates.)
    • In our "TWITTER" section, you will see the latest tweets @GriceBands!
    • The "BAND DOWNLOADS" will contain files for you to download at certain points during the school year!  

    Thank you!

    Instrument Trumpet