Ms. Oliver

    Grade 5, Room 9

    "Grade 5 is...The Wild, Wild, Best!"


    Welcome to our YHS 2019-20 'roundup'!  Let's make this year a success while having a 'grand ol' time'!




    On an as-needed basis, conferences have been scheduled for 2/6 (evening) and 2/7 (afternoon).  If you received a form, please sign and return at your earliest convenience.

    Feb. 6 and Feb 7 are 1:15 dismissals 


     Please assist your child in maintaining all supplies necessary to stay organized this year.  Our classes utilize a color-coded system to promote organization.

    Blue:  Reading/Response Journal/Word Work
    Yellow:  Quick Write 
    Orange:  Math
    Green:  Writer's Workshop
    Red:  Social Studies
    Purple:  Science
    *Reminder:  All hard-cover textbooks need to be covered.

    Agendas:  Students will be utilizing their agendas to keep track of daily assignments, homework, and upcoming projects.  This information is kept in a central place within the classroom, and students will update their agendas before dismissal each day.  In the event of a missed or incomplete homework assignment, I will make a note of that in your child's agenda.  Please check this on a regular basis.

    Support:  Your child will be provided multiple academic tools which can be accessed both at home and at school.  These online resources can be accessed through your child's Clever account and include:  ThinkCentral, i-Ready, and Razz Kids.  These are excellent tools which not only reinforce concepts, but are also adaptive to each student's skill level.  This feature allows your child to work on lessons and skills at his/her own pace, even beyond grade level.

    Contact information:  doliver@hamilton.k12.nj.us


    Please periodically check this site for classroom updates.