• Mrs. Mercer's Weekly Update

    Monday, October 21, 2019 


     I am looking forward to Parent-Teacher Conferences this week! We will go over iReady scores, take a look at our first writing pieces, and talk about behaviors at school. Think about any questions you have so we can be sure to have a productive meeting. Please reach out if you have any comments or concerns! 

    We've been working hard to understand the area model and the distributive method to multiply two, three, and four-digit numbers! This week, we will take a look at the standard method, the method most of us adults remember learning as a kid. I don't expect students do be experts in all three methods, but we should be able to choose one they like the most and use it! 

    We started our new reading unit last week, focusing on understanding non-fiction texts. This week, we'll pay special attention to text features and how we can use them to better understand the text. It's also important that we really take our time to read non-fiction so we can soak in all the information, facts, and important details. We can learn so much from non-fiction! 

    As we read non-fiction, we're working on writing our own non-fiction texts based on animals. We're going to work this week to find information from trustworthy sources. We'll also practice notetaking and using those notes to produce a clearly written paragraph. 

    Tuesday-Friday are all one session days. Due to these days, we won't be digging deeper into our science lessons. We will pick back up next week with experiments that help us understand the scientific method! We will use our knowledge of measurement to help us!