• Mrs. Mercer's Weekly Update

    Monday, January 14, 2019 

    Halloween Picture  

    Looking forward to a four day weekend coming up; we'll need it to relax our brains after a busy, busy week! We will be taking iReady this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon. Before we do, we are going to reflect on what we want to improve on, and how we're going to make those improvements. iReady is all about growth, and seeing how much our brains have grown from the beginning of the year. Our iReady reflections will come home in Assessment Folders on Friday, so you can also see how much your child grew since September! 

    This week in math, we're going to focus on adding and subtracting mixed numbers. Later in the week, we will multiply a whole number by a fraction. These are some of the tougher skills we will learn in our fraction unit, so be sure to take your time and really think about how many wholes you have and what fractional piece is left over. Good mathmaticians don't like to leave their answers as improper fractions, so use regrouping to write your answers as mixed numbers! That can help us visualize our fractions more clearly. 

    We're continuing to read a variety of nonfiction texts in reading, from learning about the Hoover Dam to the Wright Brothers. We're learning strategies to think about the text structure and word attack strategies if we see a new vocabulary word we don't know. Nonfiction texts are structured very differently from other types of texts, so we can use that to help us better understand them! 

    In writing, we're preparing our biographies for our Black History Month Wax Museum. We're learning a lot about the contributions important Black people made for America. I can't wait to use our research to write strong and detailed paragraphs this week! 

    Lastly, we're moving on to a Social Studies unit about our government. There's a ton going on with our current government, so I'm sure we can have some interesting conversations with lots of different perspectives! We'll take a look how checks and balances work, along with our important branches of government. 

    February optional conference forms are coming soon. Notices about conferences I would like to schedule will come home Wednesday. If you do not recieve one, I do not believe your child requiers a conference at this time. If you would like to reach out to schedule a phone conference, I would be more than happy to do so (my in-person slots are filled up!). Thanks for your continued support as wonderful parents, please reach out with any questions, comments, or concerns!