• Mrs. Mercer's Weekly Update

    Monday, May 20, 2019 

    Halloween Picture  

    We're back to our regular specials and learning schedule this week now that testing is done in all grades. I'm happy to be back to our routine. I'm also THRILLED to report that our class is showing so much maturity and good decision making. Our behavior has been wonderful, which is awesome because there's so many fun things coming up. On Wednesday, we'll have a Planetarium Assembly and on Thursday, we're going to learn about applying for 5th grade jobs! 

    We started book clubs last week. Students are working in a small group to read a novel of their choice. They've been reading and discussing together. In our whole group lessons, we'll be learning about poetry. Poets use lots of different literary devices, such as alliterations, metaphors, and personification. We'll also have the opportunity to write some poems of our own! 

    In math, we'll be learning about different units of measurement. We'll look at both US Customary Units and Metric Units. We'll measure objects as well as work with conversions. Today, we're even creating our own measurement machines! Homework will return to being in our homework and remembering books. 

    We're going to write book reviews in writing. Together, we'll work on a book review of The Tiger Rising, which we all read together. Students will then choose their own book (that they've finished) and write their own review! Speciefically this week, we'll read an example of a book review, make a plan for our paragraphs, and start off our introductions! 

    When we can squeeze in science, we'll be looking at different biomes and ecosystems. We'll learn about food chains and food webs and how they effect different ecosystems. I'm really looking forward to playing a game of Deer Vs. Wolves to learn about influxes of predators and prey. 

    Lastly, if you are looking for a tutor over the summer, please contact me! I am available and flexible over the summer and would love to help your students stay sharp over the summer!