Ms. McGlinchy



Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelors in Early Childhood Education Bachelors in Psychology Certified in Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education

Ms. McGlinchy


Greetings!  I am Ms. McGlinchy and this is my 16th year teaching at Wilson Elementary School.  I taught Kindergarten for 8 years, Developmental Kindergarten for 2 years, and am now in my 6th year in pre-k.  I love the little ones!  When not at school, you can find me doing anthing having to do with the outdoors, music, or wellness.  I have a 20-year-old son who I love going on adventures with.  I am a lifelong Hamilton resident and love sharing my time and energy with this community.  :)

Please check the Remote Learning Tab daily for the day's assignments and to check your child in.  I'd like to give some suggestions on setting up a predictable schedule and routine for your children during this time. Children function well on a schedule because they know what to expect and what is expected of them. So making a schedule will help them break the day down to manageable, predicable activities that they can remain accountable for.  I've seen some great ideas online about making visual schedules for your kids so they always know what is coming next.  It's important to remember that most brain development at this age occurs during play.  Try setting up some time limits to keep your child on some sort of schedule.  I suggest putting 15-20 minutes of play time (or whatever works for your schedule) in between each of the activities.  Designate what will be your clean-up signal (a song, an alarm on your phone, etc).  Make it a game at first and practice with your child.  Have him/her take something out and then play your clean-up signal and see how fast your child can clean it up.  You want him/her to buy into it, so be encouraging and make it fun.  Do it a few times with different toys.  If you can establish this, it will make things easier moving forward.  Then set a timer of how long your child has to play before it's time to move on to a new activity. So before each play time, let them know that they are going to play for 15-20 minutes (or whatever works for you) and that when the clean-up signal plays you expect them to clean up and complete the next activity.  Show them which worksheet they will then be completing.  Try to stick to a schedule but remember that there will have to be adjustments along the way.  I know this is a difficult time for everyone, but I really believe structure is going to be key for kids.  Please feel free to reach out with anything I can help you with.  We're all in this together! :)

I'm going to be researching and adding links to the Online Resources tab for ideas of other things you can do with your children while home.  Children need sensory activities where they are engaged, so I hope some of these links can be useful.  Remember that your activities don't need to look like those online.  Children don't need anything fancy to learn. Have fun, use what you have, and make the best of the situation! It's a great opportunity to model for our little ones how to adjust and go with the flow.  If you come across any good online sites or games, let me know and I can add them to our page. Let's help each other! :)


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