• Applied Technology 6-8 Remote Learning

    Important Update: Remote learning will continue for the remainder of the school year. Please continue to check this website for updates and assignments. I'm proud of the students during this time. Keep up the great work!!

    There was an important change announced today regarding our schedule going forward. I have attached a copy of the schedule below. Basically, we will be meeting at certain times on certain days for our lessons and assignments. My tutorial and instructional videos will continue, and I will continue to be available for questions related to the lesson. Friday will now be used as a time to follow up with lessons, and for me to provide individual support as needed. Additionally, grades are changing as well. All independent practice assignments will show as either "collected" or "missing", depending on whether you submit them. Formative grade and summative grades will continue in their normal manner.
    Both changes will be new to everyone. It might be confusing at first, but I'm here to help if you need clarification. Please reach out to me if you have questions or concerns about both changes. Thanks...Mr. F

    New Middle School schedule

    All virtual lessons and any tutorial videos can be found under the assignments tab and the Virtual Lessons tab. Scroll down the screen and look for the specific date and grade.

    Students and parents can use this page to access assignments and information designated for Remote Learning and Home Instruction. Each day, lessons and updates will be posted in Google Classroom. Some lessons may have a tutorial video attached as well. Assignments and tutorial videos will also be posted here. Students will be expected to complete the lessons assigned by 3 pm on their due date to receive full credit. If a student is having difficulty with a lesson or assignment, please contact me via e-mail or Google Classroom...I'm here to support my students! 

    Students will need to be signed in using their Hamilton Twp Google ID and Password. This is necessary to properly access assignments.

    We will primarily be using Google Classroom as a way to communicate assignments, expectations, questions, and concerns with students. Please see the links for Google Classroom to the right of this page. I will available during the hours of 10-2 via email or Google Classroom to respond to students or parents' questions pertinent to remote learning assignments/materials. You can also view assignments on my class webpage under the Assignments tab.

    Thanks for your understanding during this time.