• Dear Parents and Guardians, 

    Thank you for your continued support during this remote learning time. I can be reached during that time via email. You can email me at ccassaday@hamilton.k12.nj.us

    Your child received their remote learning packet. Enclosed in there are their Clever badge (as well as their google account address in case the Clever badge is not working). Students can access their RAZ Kids account, Study Island, and Epic (which provides additional books online). 

    Here is the link for Clever:


    Here is our daily schedule for Week 1 and 2

    Daily Schedule

    Here is our Schedule for Week 3 and 4

    Week 3 and 4 Remote Learning Schedule

    Here is our schedule for Math

    Math Schedule

    Thank your continued support and patience!


    Christina Cassaday

    ** P.S. Parents, please do not forget to stop by Mrs. Tormey's site (link below) where there will be resources, handouts for parents, and directions for her Google Classroom. In her Google Classroom you will find your child's monthly guidance lessons and activities divided by grades. Please have your child complete the lessons and activities, and if you have any questions please contact Mrs. Tormey directly. Thank you!