all about me <3

  • Welcome to 4th grade! I love my job! I believe that teaching students their value and worth is more important than math or writing, and in my classroom, you can regularly hear laughter and the occasional Shakira song to start the day. I love to travel with my husband, spend time with my family, serve in my church, and play with our cat (she is little, white, and runs our home). My classroom is creative and full of life so that every student learns to love learning and finds their place in the education system. I love co-directing our school play and also directing movies within our classroom!! Check them out on Kuser's Youtube Channel!!

    **Today is Day 11. Your reading, writing, math, science and social studies assignments are posted here on our calendar. Please go to Google Classroom for any updates, questions, and reminders!! I also have posted fun videos where we can chat and still be a fourth grade family!