• Hello Parents and Students!

    Please look at the tabs on the left so you can navigate through my website. It is easy to use.


    1.Your grade level assignments can be found on the Remote Learning tabs.  

    I have tried to give assignments that you can do with your family and are fun. Try to do the assignments on the day they are assigned. I know you have other work to do, so 15 to 20 minutes of ESL work is fine. CoreLexia is the most important assignment to complete.


    2. Your sight words can be found on the Grade Level Sight Word tab. 

    Once you click the tab, all the grade levels will be shown.



    3.Please keep up with your schoolwork. You can take pictures of your work or use your Google account to share work with me. I am keeping a log of assignments you hand in and your CoreLexia minutes. Many students have gone up at least 1 level in CoreLexia and some friends have gone up 2 levels. Bravo!


    I will be adding websites and other on-line activities to the tabs as I find them, so make sure you look!


    If you have any questions about your ESL work, you can reach me at bsiracusa@hamilton.k12.nj.us or class dojo.


    Mrs. Siracusa